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We’ve gathered together some useful material, which we hope will be helpful to filmmakers. Please feel free to click on and download any of the resources available below!

Handbook: Filming during Covid-19

Get pragmatic tips and advice on how to safely manage your productions and shoots during the pandemic.


Feel free to use our distribution templates, which we offer as a guide to you when considering the paperwork that we’ll need to successfully distribute your work.


Feel free to use our simple production templates, which we offer as a guide to you when planning and scheduling your production.

Info Sessions

For our InfoSessions, FILMCO invites partners in various aspects of creative enterprise and administration, to share information on their company’s offerings, their projects and portfolios and how they can positively impact film and television industry practitioners. Feel Free to view our InfoSessions at the links below.

Notes from the European Film Market

TT Production Rebate

Exploring the grant application process

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