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Westwood Park (1997 to 2004)



Blackmail, murder, adultery and... cross-dressing!


Westwood Park weaves the story of the Dusoleil and Gunn-Munroe families, whose affluent lifestyles and picture-perfect smiles become less than idyllic on closer inspection. The manipulative and power-hungry Herbert dominates the Gunn-Munroe clan, while the conscientious and upstanding Jonathan heads the Dusoleil family. Set in lush and luxurious locations rarely seen in Caribbean dramas, Westwood Park is driven by the universal topics of love, hate, power, lust, greed, corruption, romance, heartbreak and the strive for social justice and consciousness.


Narrative Drama | Trinidad and Tobago

Language: English
Distributor: Self


Directors: Danielle Diefenthaller

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