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The Legend of Buchi Fil (E leyenda di Buchi Fil) (2008)


The story of the strongest of the slaves whose will was only crushed when he loses his beloved wife.


Buchi Fil is a Caribbean legend, the strongest slave who ever lived. In this film, based on a poem by acclaimed Curaçao poet Pierre Laufferm, the plantation master becomes obsessed with breaking Buchi Fil. Only when he sells Buchi Fils’s beloved wife, Mosa Nena, does the proud slave crack. Buchi Fil’s final act shows the power of his spirit and his love.


Short (20mins) Narrative Drama | Curaçao

Language: Dutch and Papiamento, with English subtitles


Writers: German Gruber
Directors: German Gruber


  • Peter Eikelenboom
  • Reggion Lichtenberg
  • Shahaira Mauricia
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