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Sorf Hair (2017)


Sorf Hair explores the natural-hair experience in T+T.


People with kinky/curly hair have been the butt of every hair joke for centuries. From discrimination to lost opportunities, these issues tend to take a toll on the lives of “naturals” around the globe. Sorf Hair explores the natural-hair experience in T+T as people from all walks of life and with different hair textures reveal their stories and challenges.


Short (24mins) Documentary | Trinidad and Tobago

Language: English
Distributor: FILMCO


Producers: Leslie Ann Caton | Shari Petti
Writers: Shari Petti
Directors: Shari Petti


Attilah Springer
Athlaia clarke
Shinelle Ambris
Shari Petti
Jelani Warker
Shanice Smith

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