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Sally’s Way (2015)



Sometimes you find a way. Sometimes the way finds you. A 12-year-old orphan feels determined to have a say in her destiny, despite life's sudden changes.


12-year-old Sally is at risk of being sent to an orphanage when her grandmother falls ill. Determined to have a say in her own life, Sally’s perseverance pays off.She learns that she can make things happen if she takes action when inspiration strikes. The value of community support also becomes clear and, for the first time ever, she and Granny enjoy pipe borne water at the small, hillside hut they call home. Sally shows young audiences that a self-determining attitude, even more than circumstance, makes our way in life.


Feature (76mins) Narrative | Trinidad and Tobago

Language: English
Distributor: Louris Lee-Sing


Producers: Joanne Tracy Farrag | Joanne Johnson | Louris Lee-Sing
Writers: Joanne Johnson
Directors: Joanne Johnson
Editors: Robert Macfarlane


Hansley Adjodha
Patti-Anne Ali
Eunice Alleyne
Sarah DeGale
Alyssa Highly
Conrad Parris
Roland Yearwood (RemBunction)


Global Zoom Award- Seattle Children’s Film Festival
People’s Choice Award-trinidad + tobago film festival
People’s Choice Award- Bay Street Film Festival
Best International Feature- Boston Kids’ Film Festival

Festival Screenings

Seattle Children’s Film Festival
trinidad + tobago film festival
LUCAS Kinderfilm Festival
Bay Street Film Festival
Boston Kids’ Film Festival
Pan African Film Festival

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