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Pothound (2011)


The point-of-view of a street dog in relation to the world around her, she runs into adversity and forms alliances.


Pothound tells the point-of-view of a stray dog as she transverses the streets of modern Trinidad and Tobago. She retrieves a lost purse for an older woman but is chased away, gives her only bone to a struggling essential oils vendor, but is met with scorn and helps a young girl carry drinking water home, only to be scolded. Her attempts to help people on her travels are continuously misunderstood. When Pothound saves a young boy from being bullied she narrowly escapes injury. Pothound’s adventures take her from the beach and back home where an encounter with the cook from the Chinese restaurant where she stole the aforementioned bone from, changes her life forever.


Short (11mins) Narrative Drama | Trinidad and Tobago

Language: English


Writers: Christopher Guinness | Leizelle Guinness
Directors: Christopher Guinness


Bubbercin, Caroline Rogers Driscoll, Christopher Guinness, Leizelle Guinness, Philip James, Lucille Poon Kwong, Justin Chin Lee, Malik Lewis, Kwangsun Lui, Keinette Roge

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