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Pendulum (2015)


A former solider investigating the murder of the CEO of a major software company must decipher whether he is being framed or is succumbing to the delusions of his illness

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When Luther, the CEO of a major software company, realises he has a stalker intent on doing him harm, he calls in Ryan, an old friend and former soldier. Ryan, who is battling with post-traumatic stress disorder, tracks down the stalker and is forced to kill him, but in so doing, makes a shocking discovery. 


Feature (72mins) Narrative Thriller | Trinidad and Tobago

Language: English


Producers: Stephen Hadeed Jr. | Michael Rochford | Kerry Bovell | Candice Lela-Rolingson
Writers: Michael Rochford | Anastasia Alexis | Joshua Paul
Directors: Michael Rochford


Jovon Browne |

Stephen Hadeed Jr. |

Anokha Baptiste |

Scott Evans |

Frances De Lancey |

Chanel Glasgow |

Lehann Anderson |

Kristin Baptiste |

Kevin Carter |

Shallun Daly |

Anderson Edghill |

Mr. Fitzworm |

Stefan Foderingham Garraway |

Victoria Lewis |

Danial Lumyoung |

Kyle Mitchell |

Rene Rochford |

Zamora Simmons |

Chenelle Spooner |

Michael Vincent |

Aaron Yuk Low

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