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Passage (2014)


Seventeen year old Sandrine must hide her brother's illness in order to save his life.


Passage centres around a group of Haitians locked in the hold of a fishing vessel being smuggled through the Bahamas into the United States. On these vessels communicable diseases such as dysentery are deadly and if individuals get sick they are thrown overboard.


16+ | Short (15mins) Narrative Action, Drama | Bahamas

Language: English
Distributor: FILMCO


Producers: Kareem Mortimer | Trevite Willis | Marc Boothe | Lucy Hannah | Jonathan P. Morris | Adeela Sharif
Writers: Kareem Mortimer
Directors: Kareem Mortimer


Dana J. Ferguson |

Jason Elwood Hanna |

Aulenna Robinson |

Ellis Stuart |

Stephen Tyrone Williams |

Lorenz Wright


Best Short Film: Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival |
Best Film: Open Category, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival |
Director’s Choice Award: Portland Maine Film Festival |
African Movie Academy Award: Best Short Film From The Diaspora |
Best Short Film: Zimbabwe Film Festival |
Best Actress: Dana Ferguson, Zimbabwe Film Festival |
Best Actress in a Short Film: WideScreen Film Festival |
Special Jury Award: Belize International Film Festival |
Best Short Film: Caribbean Tales Film Festival, Toronto

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