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Pashan of the Froot (2011)


A mockumentary about reggae artist 'Pashan Froot' preparing to launch his new single 'Nibble on meh Naggle' at a concert in T&T


This is the hilariously true / made-up story of the mysterious dancehall singer Pashan Froot. We follow this misunderstood genius as he gets ready to launch his new single, ‘Nibble on Meh Naggle’, and hear from the people closest to him, including his producer, his slippery manager, and Pashan’s number one (and only) fan.


GA | Short (21mins) Narrative Comedy | Trinidad and Tobago

Language: English
Distributor: FILMCO


Writers: Nadissa Haynes
Directors: Nadissa Haynes


Michael Mondezie - Pashan Froot |
Keron Thompson |
Kearn Samuels |
Ashley Miranda |
Nisha Lee-Archibald

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