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Minutes to Midnite (2009)


Once upon a time there was Snake, this is how his life changed in a matter of minutes


A noir, fantasy crime drama unfolds when ruthless Trinidadian gang member, Snake, kills his leader, Mr. Tiger. Shortly afterwards, Snake receives a message that someone named Anansi Spider is going to “take care of him.” Following a near-death experience at the hands of a wicked woman, Snake receives a call from Anansi Spider, warning him that his life is in danger. Snake grapples with whether or not to trust this mysterious man, and, ultimately, makes a deadly decision.


Narrative Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy | Trinidad and Tobago

Language: English
Distributor: FILMCO


Writers: Ryan C Khan
Directors: Ryan C Khan


Alan Ferreira |

Wendell Manwarren |

Teneille Newallo |

Stefan Simmons |

Christianne Steel |

Leston Thompson |

Keron Miguel Yan

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