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Mangroves (2018)



A man goes in search of something mysterious in the Trinidadian mangroves, unraveling a supernatural world as he races back to safety, before the sun sets.


A desperate man embarks on a journey into the intimidating mangroves in search of something mysterious. Lost and hopeless he’s not sure where to go. While there he faces surprises that cause him to question his surroundings, and he soon learns that he must race back to safety before sundown or risk encountering the terror that lurks in the mangroves at night.


Short (16mins) Narrative Fantasy | Trinidad and Tobago

Language: English


Producers: Oliver Milne | Anthony Fung | Janine Mendes-Franco | Jamil Agard
Writers: Teneille Newallo
Directors: Teneille Newallo


Stephen Hadeed Jr. | Teneille Newallo | Anand Lawkaran | Joshua Dowlth | Adrianne Eligon

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