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Lifted (2019)



Set against frank conversation about diversity in Trinidad and Tobago, 'Lifted' follows a day in the lives of a refugee family as they journey to a Moko Jumbie (stilt-walking) class.


Trinidad & Tobago is home to over 7,000 asylum-seekers and refugees—including parents who have fled to protect themselves and their children. Set against frank conversation about diversity, Lifted follows the highs and lows experienced by a refugee family as they journey through Port-of-Spain, and encounter a group of Moko Jumbies (stiltwalkers). Lifted is written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Miquel Galofré, produced by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and T&T Rocks, and features interviews with Sticks in De Yard/#1000Mokos.


Short (25mins) Documentary | Trinidad and Tobago

Language: English, Spanish
Distributor: T&T Rocks


Writers: Miquel Galofré
Directors: Miquel Galofré


Carlos, Miguel, Johana, Moko Jumbies


Media Prize -Nouveaux Regards Film Festival - Guadaloupe

Festival Screenings

Festivals: New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Guyana, Dominican Republic, Peru

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