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La Gaita (2012)



A story of two very different brothers.


This film is the story of two very different brothers. Willy’s the difficult one consumed by his own impatience and Tito is the tireless believer and visionary.

Despite their differences, Willy and Tito agreed on one thing: that their quest in life is to use their music to help the down-and-outers, the lonely and the broken to accept themselves during what some consider to be the loneliest and most vulnerable time of the year… Christmas.


Feature (105mins) Documentary

Distributor: FILMCO


Executive Producers: Stephen Cadiz | Kenneth Fung | Shirley Fung
Co-Producers: Janine Fung | Abigail Hadeed
Directors: Janine Fung


  • 'Peoples' Choice Award: Best Feature Documentary Film'—trinidad+tobago film festival (2012)
  • 'Special Mention Jury Award Best T&T Film'—trinidad+tobago film festival (2012)

Festival Screenings

trinidad and tobago film festival, 2012

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