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KINTO (2018)


A homeless Jamaican boy, struggling to find his identity, encounters a life-changing crash incident.


Kinto lives on the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, wiping the windscreens of passing cars at stoplight intersections to earn money. Ambushed and beaten by a group of other street boys, a desolate Kinto embraces his identity when he makes an unexpected act of kindness.


Short (16mins) Narrative Drama | Jamaica

Language: English, Jamaican Patois with subtitles
Distributor: FILMCO


Producers: Saeed Thomas | Leslie-Ann McDowell
Writers: Joshua Paul
Directors: Joshua Paul


Sekai Smart-Macaulay |
Justin Hadeed Awn


Best Short Film at Caribbean Tales Film Festival |

Best Short Film at 12°N 61°W Grenadian Film Festival |

Best Directing & Best Acting at the Palm Bay Caribe Film Festival

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