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Kafou (2017)



Doc and Zoe are just hired for the night to deliver an unknown package. At a crossroad, they stumble upon a dog. In Haiti, each crossroad requires a sacrifice.


Port-au-Prince by night. Doc and Zoe are just hired to deliver an unknown package. Their job comes with three essential rules: never stop the car, never roll down the windows, never open the trunk. At a crossroad, they stumble upon a dog. Each crossroad requires a sacrifice. Their decision will change their path irreversibly.


Short (50mins) Narrative Comedy, Thriller | Haiti


Producers: Gilbert Mirambeau Jr. | Jasmuel Andri | Gaethan Chancy | William McIntosh | Bruno Mourral | Joelle Mourral | Dimitri Vorbe
Writers: Gilbert Mirambeau | Bruno Mourral | Jasmuel Andri
Directors: Bruno Mourral


Jasmuel Andri |

Rolapthon Mercure |

Manfred Marcelin |

Rolando Etienne |

Marcus Boereau |

Israel Geffrard |

Jenny Cadet |

Pascale Julio |

Christelle Tropnas |

Sionel Dorcély |

Ralphe Théodore |

Nelchaela Eleorata Adonis |

Tedd Alvarez |

Roblain Auguste |

Presnel Bazile |

Olivier Laurent Chéry |

Kaina César |

Clifford Divergisse |

Johnny Exantus |

Cherline Fleurantus |

Michael Fleurantus |

Nathalie Fleurantus |

Anthony Georges |

Alain Germeus |

Didier Jabarth |

Clorette Jacinthe |

Jimmy Jean-Baptiste |

Sandy Jeudy |

Frantz Jérôme |

Marie-Paule Monesca |

Matsen Montoban |

Dukens Métélus |

Yvenie Paul |

Massillon Petit-Frère |

Daniel Pierre |

Berline Vital 

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