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Elza (2011)



A young Parisian woman of Caribbean descent returns to her native island of Guadeloupe looking for the father she has never known.


Bernadette, a single mother in Paris, tries to provide her daughters with everything. She is thrilled when her eldest daughter, Elza, is the first in the family to graduate from university. But Elza breaks her mother’s heart by running away to their native Guadeloupe in search of a distant childhood memory: the father she barely remembers. Simmering with intrigue and illicit scandal, Elza is a heady melodrama about a family and its deep, dark secrets.


PG-13 | Feature (80mins) Narrative Drama | Guadeloupe

Language: French with English subtitles
Distributor: FILMCO


Producers: Marriette Monpierre | Gérard Lacroix | Edgard Tenembaum | Eric Basset | Mama Keïta
Writers: Marriette Monpierre | Mama Keïta
Directors: Marriette Monpierre


Stana Roumillac |

Vincent Byrd Le Sage |

Christophe Cherki |

Sophie Berger |

Teddy Doloir |

Eva Constant |

Jihane Botreau-Roubel |

Auriana Annonay |

Mariette Monpierre |

Nancy Fleurival |

Michel Reinette |

Yvon Potier |

Chris Mouss |

Grégory Blaineau |

Jack Dugan |

Laurence Joseph |

Késiah Geran |

Sandrine Merguin |

Juliana Arconte |

Laureine Beck |

Arold Sorbe |

Kengy Larochelle |

Patrick Chouan |

Isabelle Kancel |

Grégory Jernidier |

Stan Pasquin |

Elody Stanislas |

Tony Gareau-Demaray |

Erick Marset |

George-Marc Servier |

Kristian Gemblour |

Jean-Daniel Hauterville |

Anselme Hodonozi |

Pascal Boulere Alias Darkman |

Léon Plancy |

Mickaël Blameble |

Gustave Bassieros |

J.P. Nobert |

Michel Bloumine |

Harry Biocheau |

Laurent Bamy


  • Critics' Pick 2012 New York Times
  • Winner Best Picture, Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival |
  • Winner Paul Robeson Award, Best Picture of the Diaspora, FESPACO, Africa |
  • Winner Best Narrative Feature, Roxbury International Film Festival |
  • Winner Best First Feature Special Jury Recognition, Pan African Film Festival, L.A. |
  • Winner BAFTA Festival Choice and Festival Programmers’ Awards, PAFF, L.A.
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