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Breaking the Cycle (2018)



Moving from victim to survivor, Camika, a mother of seven, shares her personal story of how she got the strength and voice to stop the cycle of domestic abuse in her home.


Abuse in relationships is often a tragic secret that tears lives apart. One in three women are victims of domestic abuse. It is a tragedy that happens in every sector of society regardless of class, race, religion, education or gender. It is the victim’s silence that becomes their abusers greatest weapon, allowing the cycle of pain to continue. Children who witness abuse, grow up believing it a normal part of relationships. Boys seeing their mothers disrespected and battered are more likely to grow up and do the same to their partners. Girls are more likely to grow up to find partners who abuse them. This cycle of domestic abuse and violence cannot be broken with silence.

This is the story of a woman who went from victim to survivor, who found the strength and the voice to stop the abuse and break the cycle.


Feature (62mins) Documentary | Trinidad and Tobago


Producers: T&T Rocks | CMB
Writers: Juliette McCawley | Miquel Galofré
Directors: Miquel Galofré