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As I Was Going To St. Ives



Three British born artists living in Trinidad, the United States and England, linked by their relationships with the St. Ives School, discuss their use of text in making the visual image.


Disconnected from galleries and access to a viewership other than virtual formats, this is a collaboration to show work to a larger public in the time of COVID, 2020. Each artist contributes video footage and still images of their work shot in their own studios with each artist based in a different geographical location: Rex Dixon from Trinidad in the Caribbean, Vivian Pedley from Cornwall, England and Adrian Frost from Arkansas, USA. The connections between the artists and the St. Ives school are foundational in their development as artists and have influenced their various stylistic progressions. The showcasing of text and image in their past and current work links back to the earliest forms of human communication as in signs and symbols of cave painting and illuminated manuscripts and brings out the poet in each artist in the placement of words on or against their image.


Featurette (45mins) Documentary | Trinidad and Tobago

Language: English


Producers: Patricia Mohammed
Writers: Patricia Mohammed
Directors: Patricia Mohammed


Rex Dixon, Adrian Frost, Vivian Pedley

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