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WW: Creating Story Arcs for TV

—Published on 7th Jan, 2020.

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Story arcs are the overall shape of rising and falling action, tension or emotion within a story, created via plot and character development. The arc puts characters through their paces in response to a single impetus, an ongoing storyline. In episodic television, there can be overarching storylines that run for a few episodes, or an entire season. Developments in the story arc may occur as subplots culminating at the end of the season or the conclusion of the series. 

In our January 2020 Weeknight Workshop, two talented and experienced television professionals, Danielle Dieffenthaller and Mervyn de Goeas, writers, producers and directors of series “Westwood Park” and “The Reef”, will take workshop attendees through the basics of writing story arcs for tv series. Get insights into how to create story arcs that are satisfying and compelling, that move a character or situation forward effectively, that develop themes and secondary characters. Learn about combining multiple arcs in order to sustain interest and tension, and the benefits of creating smaller arcs within your main dramatic arc (even if you’re not writing a series). This is your opportunity to learn invaluable tips and tricks of the trade!

Check the event details here!

Tickets are available in advance, from the FILMCO office (open Monday-Friday, 9:30am-5:30pm). Please call us for further information: (+)1.868.323.3228 or (+)1.868.227.8458

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