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Member Table Reads

—Published on 21st Nov, 2019.

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Every Saturday, we open up our office space to FILMCO members to facilitate table reads. Members will have the use of the space (including tables, chairs, tea/coffee station) for up to 3 hours per session, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Non-members can also access the space for their table reads at the cost of TT$125.00 per hour. Use our Calendly online booking site to submit your request for the next available table reading session.

Table reads are important and invaluable to the filmmaking process. They provide filmmaking teams and casts the opportunity to take the lines off the page and breathe life into characters and roles. Meet with members of your team and hear from other cast members and characters in the film. Here you’ll have the opportunity to better understand how your script is working and how well it hangs together as a story which will ultimately be told by your cast.

If you’re heading toward production with a script, or want to shop it out to potential investors / sponsors and production companies, incorporating notes from a table read into your draft can make a real difference in the overall quality of your screenplay. Table reads can help with casting decisions, character development, and may inspire rewrites because everyone gets to hear the story out loud.

Gather your cast, writers, producers and directors for a full read through! We’ll provide the space, the tea and the coffee!


FILMCO office
22 Jerningham Avenue
Port of Spain

1:00pm to 4:00pm

Book online at our FILMCO Calendly site:

Free for FILMCO members
$125/hour for non-members

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