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FILMCO Info Session with ARTT

—Published on 2nd Mar, 2020.

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The Artist Registry of Trinidad and Tobago is a government funded initiative which helps to facilitate the development of a database all artists and cultural workers in Trinidad and Tobago. It aims to facilitate access to increase in funding and optimise international benefits.

Join us on April 7th for our first FILMCO Info Session with the Artists Registry of Trinidad and Tobago. In our Info Sessions, we invite partners in various aspects of creative enterprise and administration, to share information on their projects and how they can positively impact film and television industry practitioners. During The Artists’ Registry: what it’s for and why you should join, culture support officers, Nadya Shah and Daniella Carrington, will guide us through the significance and convenience of the Artist Registry of Trinidad and Tobago and the process through which one can become a registered Cultural Stakeholder.

All info-sessions are FREE!
Please note that our InfoSession will now be streamed live on our facebook page from 5:30PM- 6:30PM. You can access our facebook event page by using this link.

Check out event details here!


Nadya Shah

Nadya Shah is a culture specialist, creative producer and artist who has been involved in various endeavors ranging from public sector consultations, program implementation and management, festival management, visual arts, art direction for film, costume design and set/stage design. A graduate of King’s College London, MA in Creative & Cultural Industries, she currently works at the Culture Division, Ministry of Community Development, Culture & the Arts on the team responsible for the Development of the Cultural Industries. This team currently manages the Artist Registry of Trinidad & Tobago (ARTT), which is a database of active professionals operating within the Creative Sector, and the Mentoring by the Masters professional development program.

Daniella Carrington

Daniella Carrington is a cultural officer at the Culture Division in the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts. At the Division, she is part of the team responsible for the Development of the Cultural Industries. The team’s core programs are the National Registry of Artists and Cultural Workers and Mentoring by the Masters, which are both geared towards capacity building and professional development within the Creative Sector. Daniella has a background in Visual Arts, Arts Management and Museum Studies with experience in project and exhibition management through her professional and academic pursuits.

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