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Danielle Diefenthaller

Image Caption: Black and white portrait of Filmmaker, Danielle Diefenthaller.

Danielle Dieffenthaller, with 20+ years in the television and film industry, is the owner/producer/director of Diefferent Style Flims Ltd. The company’s popular programmes Iere Vibe and The Reef. Ms Dieffenthaller was also the main force behind the televsion production company Earth TV Ltd, producer/director and co-writer of the acclaimed Ecowatch series and the long-running Westwood Park (100 episodes).

Her impressive resumé includes work with TTT, UK-production company Bandung Productions and the groundbreaking Banyan Ltd production house, where she and one other crew member were the only local crew to capture the events of the 1990 Coup. Ms Dieffenthaller’s credits include dramatic, educational, environmental, political and business projects for local, regional and international audiences.

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