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Vonley Smith

Director, Writer, Editor

Vonley W. Smith, is a Caribbean filmmaker and storyteller born on the island of Barbados, his work integrates the unspoken tension and lived realities of Caribbean people. From the early age of 14, Smith began producing AMVs (animation music videos). His work in the AMV circuit was recognized across the globe generating thousands of YouTube views and subscribers. Smith continues to then establish his name in the local film industry, as a cultural practitioner who told stories of underrepresented groups environmental sustainability and social justice.

Producing work of science fiction & fantasy as not just entertainment but as a form of activism. His short films have been screened at regional and international film festivals, including Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival (2017), Hairouna Film Festival (2021) and Caribbean Tales International Film Festival (2021) and has won the jury award at the Green screen Film Festival very shorts shorts mobile film competition with his first solar punk film titled “1%” and smith was recently selected to attend the 2022 edition of the European Film Market’s Documentary Toolbox where he workshopped his upcoming first feature film “Voice Of The Ocean”.


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