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Sonja Dumas

Producer/ Writer/ Director/ Director of Photography/ Production Designer/ Casting Director/ Editor

Sonja Dumas is an arts consultant, performer, choreographer, teacher, filmmaker and writer. She is a founder and co-director of COCO Dance Festival, the largest contemporary dance festival in the English-speaking Caribbean, as well as the founder and artistic director of her dance company, Continuum Dance Project.

An award-winning filmmaker, Sonja has written, directed and produced several films that speak to the Caribbean experience. Her films include “Julia and Joyce: Two Stories of Two Dance Pioneers”, “Tickle Me Rich”, “Avocado and Zaboca”, and a food preparation show called “Sonja Doesn’t Cook”.

Sonja is also the author of the children’s story album, “Once Upon a Caribbean Time”, a collection of new Caribbean folktales for children, and most recently, she founded Zum-Zum Museum, an interactive children’s museum highlighting various aspects of Caribbean heritage.

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