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Sharda Patasar

Producer, Director, Writer, Musical Director

Sharda Patasar is a musician, composer, writer and researcher. Her work is characterized by its focus on peripheral cultures and sounds, intangibles and roads less travelled. She describes herself as an explorer and storyteller and uses film, fiction, nonfiction and music to this end. She has worked in film as a writer, director and musical director, for the last 14 years. Some of her work includes Coolie Pink and Green (2009): music director; Ganga Dhaara (2020): Director, Music. Her musical work spans various classifications from performance to sound experiments. In 2020 she was selected as one of eighteen international writers to work on a collaborative fiction project funded by the Swedish Arts Council, Kulturbryggan.

In 2022, she was one of twelve Caribbean writers selected to participate in the Royal Court Theatre’s, London, Writing for Performance programme, where her work uses text as a component of music and where the work can best be described as a manipulation of theatre. Sharda describes herself as belonging nowhere, a feeling that has driven most of her work. She inhabits a space, constantly in motion, a space in which citizenship is fluid. This, she considers, a profoundly creative space.


Projects by Sharda Patasar

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