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The Forgotten Boys Documentary pilot following the stories of three young men connected by a prison based debate team. Trinidad and Tobago 2021 documentary featurette 43 P English

“The Forgotten Boys” follows the stories of three strangers, Darrem, Cornelius and Jahmai, who collectively depict the realities and struggles of the various stages of incarceration. Each journey is an exploration of the intergenerational impacts of mass incarceration. The common thread between these young men is a prison-based English class and debate team taught and developed by Trinidadian journalist, Debbie Jacob. Restorative justice programs within the prison tend to be a safe haven, providing remandees and inmates with a sense of purpose. This film will take you behind and beyond the bars seeking to humanize a sector of society that is often isolated. The overall mission is to challenge stigmas, empower the misrepresented and influence social change. Highlighting universal human experience and adversity from a Caribbean perspective.

12991 12994 ,12993 Darrem Cheltenham Cornelius Laborde Susan Donaldson Jahmai Donaldson Debbie Jacob untolddocuseries Audience Choice Award, CaribbeanTales International Film Festival SemiFinalist, Dumbo Film Festival trinidad+tobago film festival Caribbean Tales International Film Festival Dumbo Film Festival 1
The Trident: The Land We Call Home When a video of an unknown creature went viral in Barbados,a young journalist and her team embark on a journey to seek out the truth about it,she ends up uncovering a bigger story than just a video. Barbados 2019 narrative feature 79 N English

When a video of an unknown creature went viral in Barbados,a young journalist and her team embark on a journey to seek out the truth about it,she ends up uncovering a bigger story than just a video.

Caribbean Young Explorers Discover Trinidad & Tobago through the eyes of the Young Explorers Trinidad and Tobago 2016 series 20 N English

The Young Explorers, a group of children aged 10 -15yrs take us on a journey through Trinidad & Tobago, discovering the lifestyle of children in different areas and in their natural environment. The children in the community we visit, act as the hosts and present to the Young Explorers their life styles with pride and enthusiasm.

12816 Lilliput Theatre & Children from the communities 1
Kingston Paradise A hustler’s journey into chaos to steal a car and his lady friends dream for peace from a painting, forces a crime that changes their lives dramatically, forever. Jamaica 2013 narrative feature 83 N English

In an off-beat nuanced film, Rocksy, a small-time hustler, journeys into chaos to steal a car while his lady friend Rosie hangs a watercolor painting in their modest room and dreams of peace. The fight to survive their broken dreams and aspirations forces them to commit a crime that changes their lives forever. Shot on the streets of Kingston where poverty, beauty and desperation collide, this Jamaican story transcends its Island locale to become a universal story of people whose poverty seems to trap them in a life where reckless acts appear the only road to an elusive better life.

12002 12004 Christopher ‘Johnny’ Daley, Camille Small, Greggory Nelson (aka DJ Rock Supreme), Paul Shoucair, Peter Abrikian, Munair Zacca, Michelle London, Errol Forbes, Jordan Francis, Stephen Edwards, Jabokie Mattis, Carlene Taylor, Pauline Blake KingstnParadise kingstonparadisefilm “Best Diaspora Feature” - Africa Movie Academy Awards, (AMAA 2014) “Festival Programmers Award – Narrative Feature” - Pan African Film Festival 2014 “Audience Award & Special Mention – Best Feature Narrative” - CaribbeanTales International Film Festival 2013 1
Ganga Dhaara: Sacred Spaces A guru resurrects an ancient Indian festival in the Caribbean island of Trinidad to preserve the religious traditions of his migrant ancestors. Trinidad and Tobago 2020 documentary short 30 N English

Ganga Dhaara is a one-day pilgrimage of Hindus at the Marianne River along the north coast of Trinidad. Established in 1993, it continues to this day. Inspired by Ganga Dussehra, a Hindu festival in India which commemorates the descent of the Ganges River from the Heavens to Earth, it became a ‘space’ to conduct a range of Hindu activities.

This documentary examines how and why the Ganga Dhaara festival came to be based on accounts from the key founders and participants. It addresses issues of organizational continuity and religious and cultural retention in the context of modernization. The importance of ‘space’ and how space is constituted, shared, used and made sacred is also explored. Attention is drawn to how deeper philosophical and cosmological beliefs echo in other religious systems. In that regard, similarities in viewpoints with the Trinidad Orisha, a syncretic religion of Caribbean origin originally from West Africa, is also examined. The film also seeks to make the connection between spirituality and sustainable use of the environment and posits the question: how can our improved understanding of the parameters which underlie the sacredness of spaces be applied to improve the sustainable use of secular spaces? Official selection- 2020 trinidad+tobago film festival Special mention- 2021 Global Shorts 1
Sally’s Way Sometimes you find a way. Sometimes the way finds you. A 12-year-old orphan feels determined to have a say in her destiny, despite life's sudden changes. Trinidad and Tobago 2015 narrative feature 76 N English

12-year-old Sally is at risk of being sent to an orphanage when her grandmother falls ill. Determined to have a say in her own life, Sally’s perseverance pays off.She learns that she can make things happen if she takes action when inspiration strikes. The value of community support also becomes clear and, for the first time ever, she and Granny enjoy pipe borne water at the small, hillside hut they call home. Sally shows young audiences that a self-determining attitude, even more than circumstance, makes our way in life.

11450 Hansley Adjodha Patti-Anne Ali Eunice Alleyne Sarah DeGale Alyssa Highly Conrad Parris Roland Yearwood (RemBunction) sallyswayfilm sallyswayfilm Global Zoom Award- Seattle Children’s Film Festival People’s Choice Award-trinidad + tobago film festival People’s Choice Award- Bay Street Film Festival Best International Feature- Boston Kids’ Film Festival Seattle Children’s Film Festival trinidad + tobago film festival LUCAS Kinderfilm Festival Bay Street Film Festival Boston Kids’ Film Festival Pan African Film Festival 1
Positive and Pregnant When a pregnant young woman discovers she is HIV positive, her world comes crashing down. Trinidad and Tobago 2011 narrative short 24 N English

Alicia meets Marvin and quickly falls for him. They decide to take the next step and become intimate. Soon after, Alicia realizes that she is pregnant. The couple takes a routine HIV test and the results are positive. Alicia becomes severely depressed and consumed by guilt. She evaluates her life, decisions, and the possibilities for her unborn child.

11334 11333 Naomi Abiola Duane Dario Dixon Jeanine Kim Lee Pauline Mark Lylah Persad Best Documentary and Docudrama, New York International Film Festival, 2011 Women Deliver Cinema Corner, 2013 New York International Film Festival, 2011 trinidad + tobago film festival, 2011 1
Uncivilized Disenchanted by the modern world, filmmaker Michael Lees heads into the forest of Dominica with some basic survival gear, religious texts and a camera. England, Dominica 2019 documentary feature 71 P English

Disenchanted by the modern world, filmmaker Michael Lees heads into the forest of Dominica with some basic survival gear, religious texts, and a camera. “Why did man ever leave the forest? And what makes for a good life?” Just as he starts to acclimatize to his new life, the catastrophic Category 5 Hurricane Maria (one of the top ten strongest Atlantic hurricanes in history) makes a direct landfall on Dominica. Michael is caught out in the open in a palm leaf and bamboo hut. With the nation in ruins, the forest destroyed, and essential services knocked out islandwide, the entire country must now return to a past way of life if they hope to survive.

11325 11319 trinidad + tobago film festival, 2019 1
The Deliverer After his son is kidnapped, a Trinidadian fisherman brokers a drug deal with a Venezuelan refugee to traffic cocaine to rescue his son and save his village from a corrupt government official, in exchange for helping her find asylum for her family. Trinidad and Tobago 2021 narrative feature 120 N English

Joseph Marcel; a Trinidadian fisherman on a hunger strike, leads villagers in failed protest of Anita Maraj; a corrupt politician bent on constructing a Petro-Chemical plant that will displace villagers off their land. But when Joseph’s son is kidnapped by pirates, he brokers a deal with a mysterious Venezuelan refugee named Maria ‘Shane’ Valez, to traffic cocaine between Venezuela and Trinidad to pay the ransom and to bribe the politician to get off his land, in exchange for helping Shane bring her family to safety. Now deeply enmeshed in a drug cartel that has brought the pall of loss and bloodshed to the village, Joseph must confront his enemies and face himself in order to deliver his home from the brink of

11272 11270 ,11269 Best Foreign Film (Atlanta Underground Film Festival) Best Pitch and Audience Award (Caribbean Tales Film Festival) The BlackStar Film festival trinidad + tobago film festival Belize International Film Festival Caribbean Tales Film Festival Atlanta Underground Film Festival Toronto Clack International Film Festival 1
Lady in the River Haunted by the ghostly image of a woman, a young man suffers a nervous breakdown. Trinidad and Tobago 2015 narrative short 15 N English

A discharged soldier tries to come to terms with his grief by maintaining a strict daily routine of medication and meditation but a apparition from the past threatens to throw him off the deep end.

11186 11187 ,11188 Cinematography & VFX - Israel Ramjohn Jabari McQueen - "Lee" | Taromi Lourdes - "Lady/Jesse" | Alicia Gift - "Ms. James" Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival '18 1
A Story About Wendy 2 Following on from A Story about Wendy (2012), when she was dumped by her fiancé and sought to get her life back together, Wendy Phillips returns in the second chapter of her adventures. Trinidad and Tobago 2014 feature 63 N English

Following on from A Story about Wendy (2012), when she was dumped by her fiancé and sought to get her life back together, Wendy Phillips returns in the second chapter of her adventures. Excited to start work at Quirky TV as Simone Davies’ personal assistant, Wendy proves that she is dedicated and efficient. But when she inadvertently discovers information that reveals what really happened to Simone’s previous assistants, Wendy realises that her life is in danger.

11168 11171 ,11170 Heidi Walcott Catherine Emmanuel Marcia Henville Ayanna Cezanne Karisse Montano Brett Bengochea Garth Voisin Gina Parris Caroline Neisha Taylor Natalie Purvis Damian Archie Yvette Adams Salina Ali Jennifer Hay Kalloo Ian Gill Halcian Pierre Amado Duarte trinidad + tobago film festival, 2017 Belize International Film Festival, 2017 1
A Story About Wendy Wendy Phillips' life spirals out of control after the sudden departure of her fiance . Trinidad and Tobago 2012 narrative short 40 N English

Wendy Phillips’ life spirals out of control after the sudden departure of her fiance . Forced to move back in with her parents, Wendy’s Mother and childhood best friend, Giselle are concerned that Wendy is hanging out with a deviant, Sylvia. Wendy hopes that landing a job with Television Presenter Simone Davies, will help get her back on her feet, but Simone has other plans for Wendy.

11161 11162 ,11163 Yvette Adams Damian Archie Ayanna Cezanne Catherine Emmanuel Alan Ferreira Ian Gill Marcia Henville Samantha John Ricardo Jute Jennifer Hay Kalloo Pauline Mark Karisse Montano Natalie Purvis Heidi Walcott 1
1990: Before, During and After A four-part documentary series, ''1990: before, during and after'' is an in-depth exploration of the 1990 coup attempt in Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago 2021 documentary series N English

In Development
For six days in July and August 1990, the people of Trinidad and Tobago watched in fear and disbelief as the single most deadly – and arguably the most shocking –  event in the modern history of the country unfolded. During the attempted coup of 1990, members of the Jamaat Al Muslimeen, a local radical Islamic group, raided the Parliament, bombed the police headquarters, commandeered the national television station, TTT, and killed several people (the exact number is still not known).

In the four-part documentary series, ‘1990’, award-winning filmmaker and television producer, Mariel Brown, will explore the issues that gave rise to the 1990 coup attempt; take an in depth look at each day of the stand-off – in the Red House and Trinidad and Tobago Television, and in Port of Spain as a whole – which culminated in Abu Bakr’s surrender; examine the effect of the resulting amnesty and other court cases around the Muslimeen; and try to unravel the tangled knot of relationships, questionable criminal justice and complicity that continues, even thirty years later.


11923 11089 Catherine Emmanuel - Research Soraya Moolchan - Research Mikayla Almandoz - Research 1990docseries 1990docseries 1
Get Free Trinidad and Tobago 2019 narrative featurette 37 N English

After IRIS ends her relationship with her boyfriend FABIAN, she sees it as an opportunity for a fresh start to her life. Inner peace and self-love is the goal for herself as she moves forward. Her goals are being challenged with replicated signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She struggles as she is haunted with flashbacks of her past physical abuse encounters with FABIAN. IRIS lives alone and also worries that FABIEN may return to seek unwanted closure. In an attempt to prevent this from happening she makes necessary safety arrangements. Arrangements that would then be proven to not be enough because what the heart wants, it wants, even in life and in death.

11053 11054 Johnette Brown as Iris Akkel Charles as Fabian get.free_theshortfilm Nominations Best Medium Length Narrative Film at ttff/20 Best Trinidad and Tobago Film at ttff/20 trinidad + tobago film festival, 2020 1
Oso OSO is a journey through the story of a pop icon told by its own protagonists, the Tous family, the most famous jewellers in Spain. Spain 2020 documentary feature 78 N Spanish, Japanese, English, Catalan

OSO tells the history of TOUS from its beginnings, when Salvador Tous’s father began as an apprentice watchmaker, to the present day. The documentary recounts the achievements, controversies and visionary character around the milestones that have defined the success of this family business and analyzes in detail its flagship product: a bear with childish shapes, loved and hated in equal measure, which has ended up becoming a pop icon. World Premiere at the Festival de Cine de San Sebastián 2020.

11031 11032 ,11033 TOUS family Emma Roberts Javier Mariscal Toni Segarra Oscar Guayabero Nuria Peist Jordi Corominas Mariangel Alcazar Paula Echevarria Andres San Gil Veronica Echegui Festival de Cine San Sebastian 2020 1
Immune In a world scourged by a terrible disease, a healthy mother-to-be must escape the clutches of an authoritarian government or risk losing her life and that of her unborn child. United Kingdom 2020 narrative 15 N English 11001 11002 ,11003 Andrew Scarborough, Celine Abrahams, Nina Stratford 1
Leftovers A girl, her mother, a turkey and a knife. Canada 1994 documentary short 8 N

In “Leftovers” Janine Fung’s wild narration about misunderstandings in her traditional Chinese family plays over images of her mother carving turkey.

10894 Toronto International Film Festival, 1994 1
Caroni A young West Indian nanny in New York City wants to reunite with her daughter back in Trinidad for her birthday party. Trinidad and Tobago | U.S.A 2018 narrative short 8 N English

In New York City, Rajni is a homesick nanny to the upper middle class. She keeps in touch with her own daughter, Mosaic, back in Trinidad by videochatting with her. When Mosaic realizes that her mother will not be there for her birthday party, Rajni obsesses with how she can join her.

10838 10839 ,10840 Radha Singh Arianna Ruben Nina Colon Seema Singh iankh harnarine Toronto International Film Festival, 2018 Third Horizon Film Festival, 2018 trinidad + tobago film festival, 2018 1
The Lagahoo According to Caribbean folklore, the Lagahoo is a mythical, shapeshifting monster that is said to roam lonely areas at night while stalking their prey. Trinidad and Tobago 2018 narrative short 8 N English

According to Caribbean folklore, the Lagahoo is a mythical, shapeshifting monster that is said to roam lonely areas at night while stalking their prey. Many people tell the tale of hearing the sound of heavy chains dragging in the bushes while they walked home, as the Lagahoo stalked them…

10831 10833 Riyadh Rahaman Shazeed Mohammed Zaf Rahaman riyalitystudio Official Selection, trinidad + tobago film festival, 2019 1
Her Shorts A Collection of Short FIlms by Caribbean Women Trinidad and Tobago, Curaçao, USA, UK 2020 narrative N 'English', 'Spanish with subtitles', 'Dutch with subtitles'.

Her Shorts brings together the films of some of the most talented women directors working in the Caribbean today. From a father’s desperate search to find milk for his hungry baby, to a daughter’s heartfelt Christmas wishes and a taxi driver and his passenger’s unexpected journey into the past, these short films offer a varied and compelling glimpse into our shared human and Caribbean experience.

10815 10811 1
From Gangsta to Pastor The documentary chronicles the life of Gary Grant - once a gangster and now a pastor - who works to help the community he once hurt. Trinidad and Tobago 2019 documentary featurette 49 N English

The documentary chronicles the life of Gary Grant – once a gangster and now a pastor – who works to help the
community he once hurt. Born and raised in Laventille, his troubled childhood led him down the path of crime.
Abandoned by his father he found protection and power in the strength of a gang. After years of living on the wrong side of the law, doing jail time and seeing many of his friends die too young – he made the choice to turn his life around.

10803 ,10809 Gary Grant trinidadandtobagorocks 1
Breaking the Cycle Moving from victim to survivor, Camika, a single mother of seven, shares her personal story of how she got the strength and voice to stop the cycle of domestic abuse in her home. Trinidad and Tobago 2018 documentary feature 61 N

Moving from victim to survivor, Camika, a mother of seven, shares her personal story of how she got the voice and
strength to stop the cycle of domestic abuse in her home. Abandoned by her father and hurt by men now she works hard to help other victims of domestic abuse while she still struggles trying to repair the impact of the years of abuse in front of her children.

10796 10797 ,10798 Camika Mc Letchie trinidadandtobagorocks Best Documentary, Grenada Film Festival Special Mention at Croatia Film Festival 1
I Don’t Call It Ghetto Trying to be a part of the solution, Onika works hard to build trust in her role as a police officer. Trinidad and Tobago 2020 documentary featurette 42 A English

Mother of three, Onika James has had a life filled with challenges, obstacles and heartache. Through this documentary, we see how her difficult past only made her stronger and lit a fire in her to reach for a different life, one in which she could help her community. Taking great pride in the work that she does, we see how she is driven by the desire to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Her three children are the centre of her life and a new husband gives her strength. But she still faces challenges of raising a teen son in an area known for crime and must work hard to build trust in her role as a police officer.

10786 10785 ,10787 Onika James trinidadandtobagorocks best documentary med length film and best trinidad and tobago film at trinidad + tobago film festival trinidad and tobago film festival 2020 1
As I Was Going To St. Ives Three British born artists living in Trinidad, the United States and England, linked by their relationships with the St. Ives School, discuss their use of text in making the visual image. Trinidad and Tobago documentary featurette 45 N English

Disconnected from galleries and access to a viewership other than virtual formats, this is a collaboration to show work to a larger public in the time of COVID, 2020. Each artist contributes video footage and still images of their work shot in their own studios with each artist based in a different geographical location: Rex Dixon from Trinidad in the Caribbean, Vivian Pedley from Cornwall, England and Adrian Frost from Arkansas, USA. The connections between the artists and the St. Ives school are foundational in their development as artists and have influenced their various stylistic progressions. The showcasing of text and image in their past and current work links back to the earliest forms of human communication as in signs and symbols of cave painting and illuminated manuscripts and brings out the poet in each artist in the placement of words on or against their image.

10692 Rex Dixon, Adrian Frost, Vivian Pedley 1
CODE “Code” explores the struggle between the old ways of Rastafari livity and modern day technology. Jamaica 2017 narrative short 13 N

“Code” explores the struggle between the old ways of Rastafari livity and modern day technology. It is also about a boy who defies a father he loves and respects to prove his manhood.

10677 Kaleb D’Aguilar Carl Davis Ouida Lewis 1
Pillowman Leonard Smith has been an affable, ubiquitous figure on the streets of Kingston for the last 30 years, a maker and seller of one product: pillows. This film is a meditation on the man behind the smile. Jamaica 2013 documentary short 5 G English

Leonard Smith has been an affable, ubiquitous figure on the streets of Kingston for the last 30 years, a maker and seller of one product: pillows. This film is a meditation on the man behind the smile.


10672 7287 trinidad+tobago film festival, 2014 1
Unravelled Trinidad and Tobago 2011 documentary short 29 1 English

Chrissy is a sheltered teenager from a loving home, whose world flips upside down when she is raped by three men. Based on a true story, Unravelled explores the trauma experienced by Chrissy and her family, and her determination to get revenge.

10666 10666 Sylvie Levia Nicholas Durity Tyron Kerr Errol "Blood" Roberts Kizzie Garraway Amrika Mutroo Patrice Williams trinidad+tobago film festival, 2011 1
Three Women Three women. About slavery and freedom. Suriname 2018 documentary featurette 50 1 Dutch with English Subtitles

From late 16th century until 1863, the Dutch sold an estimated 600,000 African people into slavery. This documentary follows three women who are each involved in the heritage of slavery in their respective roles. When researcher Ellen-Rose Kambel discovers a photograph of a man who owned her ancestors in slavery, she decides to locate his descendants.

10578 10573 1
Amsterdam, Traces of Sugar In the award-winning documentary ‘Amsterdam. Traces of sugar’, TV personality Noraly Beyer and rapper Typhoon (Glenn de Randamie) unravel their family histories, marked by slavery, while artist Patricia Kaersenhout, encourages her audience to reflect on slavery. Suriname 2017 documentary featurette 55 N Dutch with English Subtitles

In the award-winning documentary ‘Amsterdam. Traces of sugar’, TV personality Noraly Beyer and rapper Typhoon (Glenn de Randamie) unravel their family histories, marked by slavery, while artist Patricia Kaersenhout, encourages her audience to reflect on slavery. As a teenager, Noraly Beyer was surprised by the fact that her maiden name Oostvriesland is written on the façade of an Amsterdam warehouse on the Damrak. In ancient archives in Surinam, she discovers the origin of the name. Patricia Kaersenhout has discovered that sugar and blood have a lot to do with each other. She turned this into a gripping work of art. Typhoon discovers a special story in his family tree. The rapper feels a deep emotional bond with his ancestors and expresses that in his music. Amsterdam had an important role in the administration of the colonies and in the trade of enslaved Africans through the WIC (West India Company). The urban landscape has many tangible traces that lead back to this period. The Black Heritage Tours guides the audience to these places. With these personal stories, the documentary examines the shared history of Surinam and the Netherlands. How are the transatlantic slave trade and slavery encoded in Dutch memory? How does the past affect our present?


10569 Noraly Beyer Glenn de Randamie Patricia Kaersenhout 1
The Misadventures of Brian and Sachin Trinidad and Tobago 2015 narrative featurette 34 N

The Misadventures of Brian and Sachin is a 35-minute buddy adventure comedy which sees two 14-year-old boys journey into the jungle to track down a mysterious local eccentric after he takes off with one’s prized cricket ball.

10565 10566 Jarod Baptiste Nicholas Subero trinidad+tobago film festival, 2015 1
Shouters and the “Control Freak” Empire, A Country Beyond Prohibition Trinidad and Tobago 2010 documentary featurette 54 N

This thought provoking documentary produced jointly by Oyetayo Raymond Ojoade and criminologist Professor Onwubiko Agozino questions power and social control through exposing the central conflict between Euro-centric and Afro-centric religions.

10559 10560 1
No Soca No Life Trinidad and Tobago 2012 narrative short 37 N

A young girl from an impoverished community betrays her mother’s wish to not sing soca music.

10551 10553 ,10554 Terri Lyons Penelope Spencer Kearn Samuel Christopher Hinkson Michael Cherrie Jamie Lee Phillips TT Film Company grant Ministry of Arts grant Best Actress (TT film fest) BPTT script in development 1
The Cuatro Man Trinidad and Tobago 2015 documentary short 14 G English

The Cuatro Man is a portrait of Robert Munro, a virtuoso Trinidad and Tobago musician. Regarded as a legend in his own music community, he faces a relative lack of recognition in mainstream culture alongside his four-stringed musical instrument.

7064 Robert Munro trinidad+tobago film festival, 2015 1
Sorf Hair Sorf Hair explores the natural-hair experience in T+T. Trinidad and Tobago 2017 documentary short 24 N English

People with kinky/curly hair have been the butt of every hair joke for centuries. From discrimination to lost opportunities, these issues tend to take a toll on the lives of “naturals” around the globe. Sorf Hair explores the natural-hair experience in T+T as people from all walks of life and with different hair textures reveal their stories and challenges.

10431 10432 Attilah Springer Athlaia clarke Shinelle Ambris Shari Petti Jelani Warker Shanice Smith 1
Sampson’s Heart A young widower haunted by the death of his wife has an en unexpected visitor from his past, which forces him to face his present. Trinidad and Tobago 2019 narrative short 15 P English

A young widower lives in self imposed exile deep in the country, haunted by the death of his wife. An unexpected visitor from his past forces him to confront his shattered life.

10426 10427 1
The Insatiable Season The Insatiable Season is a fun and intimate look at the creations, crises and passion of the Mac Farlane camp as they produce a beautiful costumed band for Trinidad’s Carnival. Trinidad and Tobago 2007 documentary featurette 52 N English

So we meet the characters one at a time.  Bogart is grumbling about everything being so late.  Robby has been in a state of sustained carnival wonder since the early 80s.  Paul is jammin’ in Trinidad with Mac Farlane for the first time, lookin’ forward to the party.  Jhawhan is a folk dancer with dreams of being the king of carnival.  Brian is ambitious and determined and Jenette is a first-time costume maker with stars in her eyes and memories of the good old days of playing carnival.

What happens when all of these people come together is nothing short of wonderful.  At times it is hilarious.  At times it is nothing but stress.  Always, it is suffused with the knowledge that wearable and mobile works of art are being made.  And towards the end of the season, the monotony of having to produce yet another costume is starting to weigh on everyone.  But into this mix comes the drive to produce a beautiful carnival king costume for Jhawhan to wear.  And for a while, everyone’s energies are diverted, heightened and focused on making this magnificent king.  When it comes time to perform, Jhawhan wears the costume well and everyone’s spirits are soaring, which makes the disappointment of his loss far greater.

But the news gets worse.  Because everyone’s energies have been so diverted, they’ve lost sight of the need to produce the carnival band, and so it’s a mad and frantic dash to what everyone is hoping will be a stunning finish line: Carnival Tuesday.

10396 10397 1
Shades of a Crayon Conversations with Trinidad and Tobago's creative thinkers and makers. Trinidad and Tobago 2019 documentary series 180 N English

The series features conversations with Trinidad and Tobago’s creative thinkers and makers. We delve into their processes and what drives them to execute continuslly as creative individuals.



10362 1
Prepared to Fight The rise of Tubal Uriah Butler and his contribution to the development of the Labour Movement in Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago 2012 documentary feature 97 N English

Prepared to Fight. This documentary is an exploration of the history of the Labour Movement in Trinidad and Tobago from Cipriani and Butler to the MSJ in the People’s Partnership. It looks at the influence of Marcus Garvey on the consciousness of Caribbean citizenry that gave rise to the labour revolts in Trinidad and Guyana; the rise of Tubal Uriah Butler and his contribution to the development of the Labour Movement in Trinidad and Tobago.

10356 1
Fires of Hope 'Fires of Hope' was filmed to commemorating the Independence of Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago 1983 documentary feature 61 N English

Artists, bankers, businessmen, fishermen and agriculturalists, economists, workers—citizens all—from Port of Spain to Charlotteville, reveal their hopes and criticisms of Trinidad and Tobago after many years of Independence. Seen against the expectations expressed through our national anthem and contextualized in the push for separation from the British Empire and the physical reality of the islands, with the music of our people ringing throughout.

10351 10352 1
Poetry is an island An intimate portrait of Derek Walcott, set in his beloved native island St. Lucia. Netherlands 2013 documentary feature 80 N English

Derek Walcott, Literature Nobel Laureate travelled the world while remaining closely connected to his beloved island St. Lucia. As a poet, playwright, painter and even filmmaker, Derek Walcott hymned the Caribbean for over 60 years. This documentary presents an intimate portrait of him, set in his beloved native island St. Lucia. The place he always longed for, when he was taken to far away places by his universally acclaimed work. What moved and inspired this great poet? Who are the people whose lives became poetry through his writings? And how did they experience the gift of language of their friend, their mentor, and their father? This film explores the poetry of Derek Walcott, the landscapes and people that inspired it. It observes Walcott in places essential to his work and life, and gathers the thoughts of some of his closest childhood friends. Most importantly, this documentary is a celebration of the greatest gift Walcott has given the world: his poetry.

10345 10346 1
Hinkson Trinidadian Donald 'Jackie' Hinkson talks about his life's work and demonstrates his techniques. Trinidad and Tobago 2013 documentary feature 97 P English

Trinidadian Donald ‘Jackie’ Hinkson, in his 70th year and on the occasion of a massive retrospective in four exhibition spaces talks about his life’s work and demonstrates his techniques in expressing his intention while creating a watercolor from the blank page to completion and work on a number of sculptures, public murals and drawings. His obvious skill expressed with candor and humility imbue this uniquely structured film with charm and ease while stunning the viewer with an unusual insight into the creative process of one of the country’s greatest living artists.

10340 10341 1
Panama Dreams The search for descendants of an ancestor who left Barbados in the early 1900s to build the Panama Canal. Barbados | Panama 2017 documentary feature 82 N English

Panama Dreams transports the viewer on filmmaker Alison Saunders’ modern-day search for descendants of an ancestor who left Barbados in the early 1900s to build the Panama Canal – one of the seven wonders of the modern world. After five years of creating compelling re-enactments and collecting archival film and photos, as well as contemporary images and interviews, she tells a larger, poignant story of strength, endurance and sacrifice and uncovers troubling issues of race, class and power that face descendants of those canal workers in Panama, the West Indies, the USA and Cuba today.

10334 10335 1
Directions Have you ever asked a Trini for Directions? Trinidad and Tobago 2007 documentary short 13 N English

In this documentary a number of persons are asked to give directions to a well-known Port of Spain landmark, with unsurprisingly hilarious, uniquely Trinidadian results.

10330 1
Kaiso for July 27 Looking at the aftermath of the surprise attempted coup on the Caribbean island by a small Islamic group in 1990. Trinidad and Tobago 1991 documentary short 22 N English

An impreessionistic 22-minute documentary from Trinidad & Tobago looking at the aftermath of the surprise attempted coup on the Caribbean island by a small Islamic group in 1990. Calypso music is interspersed throughout to comment on the poltical situation in Trinidad.


10317 10318 1
Chutney in yuh Soca Examining the phenomenon of “chutney soca”, a musical hybrid from Trinidad & Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago 1996 documentary short 21 N English

An arts documentary examining the phenomenon of “chutney soca”, a musical hybrid from Trinidad & Tobago which blends thee traditions of the islands’ two biggest ethnic groups- Indian and African. As much politicaal as musical, “chutney soca” seems to offer a way for the two cultures, often perceived as being mutually antagonistic, to come together in a new exciting fusion of sounds.


10311 10312 1
Siege The documentary also recounts the Army’s ferocious counter-attack against the Muslimeen in Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago 2008 documentary short 28 N English

“Siege” recounts the terror and courage of TTT employees as they re-live their days held captive under the gun barrels of 70 heavily armed Muslim insurgents. The documentary also recounts the Army’s ferocious counter-attack against the Muslimeen and how journalists and technical staff trapped inside the Television Station survived the blasts from rocket launchers and over 1 million rounds of ammunition. Created by Andrew-Lett, Dion Boucaud and Francesca Hawkins as part of the UWI film programme, this documentary produced in May 2008, will give anyone interested in the events of 1990.

10305 1
Dai Ailian (Dance) Trinidad and Tobago 2013 documentary short 10 G English

Dance is the story of the ballerina Dai Ailian (1916–2006), who was born and raised in Trinidad before emigrating to China. Considered China’s mother of modern dance, she was the first person to bring western ballet to the country, in 1940, and would go on to co-found the National Ballet of China and the Beijing Dance Academy.

10301 6787 1
Metiver in Paramin Farmers suffer great loss of topsoil and property owing to erosion and slippage. Trinidad and Tobago 2017 documentary short 20 N English

In this hillside agricultural village of Paramin, farmers suffer great loss of topsoil and property owing to erosion and slippage. This documentary captures the return to Paramin of ‘metiver’- an invaluable plant to a hillside farming community, which was lost over generations because of the overuse of weedicides.

10296 10297 Green Screen The Environmental Film Festival, 2017 trinidad+tobago film festival, 2017 Commonwealth Stories on Screen: A Short Film Program 1
Disposable To promote a viable recycling programme. Trinidad and Tobago 2018 documentary short 12 N English

Disposable is a short documentary exploring the work being done by organizations and private citizens as they attempt to promote a viable recycling programme in Trinidad & Tobago. From recycling plant workers to participating community members, Disposable highlights the desire, viability and necessity for the recycling call to action.


10291 10292 trinidad+tobago film festival 2018 Green Screen The Environmental Film Festival, 2018 1
Dying Swan Peter Minshall returns to mas.... Trinidad and Tobago 2016 documentary short 10 N English

After ten years, internationally acclaimed mas artist, Peter Minshall, reinterprets Mikhail Fokine’s classic ballet The Dying Swan for a ‘Moko Jumbie’ (a stilt dancer) in drag. This film chronicles the assemblage and performance of this mas at the King of Carnival competition in February 2016.

10285 10288 1
Jab! The Blue Devils of Paramin The district of Paramin, at Carnival time sheds its rural languor and erupts into an inferno of bluepainted ‘jabs’ or devils. Trinidad and Tobago 2006 documentary short 47 N English

Isolated in the mountains of Trinidad, the district of Paramin, once a year at Carnival time sheds its rural languor and erupts into an inferno of bluepainted ‘jabs’ or devils. Kootoo, King Devil, prepares with his three brothers to once again win the village competition for the most convincing devil band. Known for his athletic prowess, and given to extraordinary feats like ripping up trees and scaling tall buildings, the charismatic Kootoo must still work hard with his band of devils to win the prize in the face of serious competition from a new generation of ‘jabs’.

10274 trinidad+tobago film festival, 2006 1
Play the Devil An encounter with a successful businessman derails the plans set by his family... Trinidad and Tobago 2015 narrative feature 90 N English

18 year old Gregory is caught between repressing his true creative nature and desires and surrendering to society’s dictates of what it means to be a man. An encounter with a successful businessman derails the plans set by his family and community. Play The Devil shatters conventions of sexuality, masculinity, morality and individuality through its unapologetic multi-layered explorations of power dynamics, religion and aspirations.

10262 10263 Petrice Jones Gareth Jenkins Akil Nickolas Penelope Spencer Nickolai Salcedo 1
BIM Bim's violent past catches up with him.... Trinidad and Tobago 1974 narrative feature 100 N English

After his father’s death, Bheem Singh is sent to live with his aunt in Port of Spain. Bullied at school and abused at home, he runs away and begins a life of petty crime. After returning to the countryside—and taking a new name, Bim—he becomes leader of the sugar workers. Bim is soon made leader of the colony’s opposition party. It won’t be long, however, before his violent past catches up with him.

11616 10258 1
The Weekend In a house filled with clashing personalities, lies and deceptions, what could possibly go wrong? Trinidad and Tobago 2017 narrative short 30 N English

Gregg Pinto, a filmmaker, invites a group of his closest friends to a getaway at a villa on Trinidad’s north coast to celebrate his fortieth birthday. This is supposed to be a memorable weekend commemorating this milestone. In a house filled with clashing personalities, lies and deceptions, what could possibly go wrong?

10253 10254 Stephen Hadeed Jr. Cindy F. Daniel David Codgell Chris Smith Andrew Friday Kia Rollock Ayanna Cezanne Anokha Baptiste Kealan Branellac Naila King Mark Wallace Frances De Lancey 1
Party Girl Race.Class. The Revoluntionary 70's in Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago | Poland 2015 narrative short 11 N English

Trinidad, 1970, just before the Black Power Revolution. A poolside party with an all-white crowd is in full swing. When an unexpected guest arrives, desire leads events to take a different turn.

10247 10248 Khafra Rudder Frank Seales Ellena Stacey Leah Cadogan Miami International Film Festival, 2015 trinidad+tobago film festival, 2015 Festival de Cine Global Dominicano, 2015 Zero Film Festival, 2015 1
Sweet Fries When getting lunch at a Trini fast food joint turns into a nightmare. Trinidad and Tobago 2011 narrative short 6 N English

Getting lunch at a fast food restaurant is usually a simple affair. Getting lunch at a Trini fast food joint, however, can be a nightmare, as the hapless young man at the centre of this funny-because-it’s-true tale finds out. Welcome to Sweet Fries, where you’re lucky if they take your order, and even luckier if you get it!

10236 10237 Dionese Sylvester Jared Prima Helen Jones Roxanne Reid 1
Quiet Desperation There is always a breaking point... Trinidad and Tobago 2010 narrative short 23 N English

Heathcliff is an unfulfilled man nearing retirement. Merlin, his wife of 35 years, is controlling and critical, especially of him. One Saturday morning as they prepare to drive to the market, Merlin begins to lay into Heathcliff. When Heathcliff finally expresses what really is on his mind, he loses more than he is prepared to handle.

10231 10232 Errol “Blood" Roberts Helen Jones Merlin Defour Nigel Bishop 1
Floating into Fire Floating into Fire is a tragic magical realist love story that leads a man and his heart adrift at sea and on the brink of a psychedelic existential crisis. Trinidad and Tobago 2018 art short 9 P English

Floating into Fire is a tragic magical realist love story that leads a man and his heart adrift at sea and on the brink of a psychedelic existential crisis. His journey of letting go is woven through Trinidad during the time of Carnival and it leaves the viewer dripping in Caribbean culture and mythology

9483 7309 1
Temple in the Sea A young girl is seeking - answers to questions that are relevant to her own life, as well as questions inspired by Siewdass' life. Trinidad and Tobago 2017 narrative short 16 N English

A chronicle of the life and contribution of Siewdass Sadhu, an indentured labourer, who is regarded as a legend for building the Temple in the Sea at Waterloo, Carapichaima. The story is told through the eyes of a young girl coming to terms with her heritage and identity.

10224 10222 ,10223 1
After Mas A richly textured film about identity, desire and conformity. Trinidad and Tobago 2013 narrative short 20 N English

AFTER MAS tells the story of a love that flourishes under the cover of darkness during the festival of J’ouvert on the streets of Port-of-Spain. Shot in Trinidad in February 2013 during Carnival, we experience the charge of this bacchanalian drama before following the characters return to their separate lives. In the cold light of day, can these young lovers from very different backgrounds stay true to their desires?

10218 10219 Glenda Collens Carly Coutts Khafra Rudder Best Local Short, trinidad + tobago film festival trinidad+ tobago film festival, 2013 1
Float Where is home when home doesn't want you Bahamas 2007 narrative short 35 N English

The story of a young painter from the Bahamas, Jonny Roberts, who travels to an exotic island to find inspiration but finds unexpected love and adventure in a complex and tortured Romeo.

10215 9487 Jonathan Murray Stephen Tyrone Williams Rukenka Demeritte Christopher Herrod Jason Evans Christine Wilson Daria Delancey Eric Williams III Sania Johnson Paul Cowderoy Bernard Petit Jackson Petit Allan Wallace   1
The Legend of Buchi Fil (E leyenda di Buchi Fil) The story of the strongest of the slaves whose will was only crushed when he loses his beloved wife. Curaçao 2008 narrative short 20 N Dutch and Papiamento, with English subtitles

Buchi Fil is a Caribbean legend, the strongest slave who ever lived. In this film, based on a poem by acclaimed Curaçao poet Pierre Laufferm, the plantation master becomes obsessed with breaking Buchi Fil. Only when he sells Buchi Fils’s beloved wife, Mosa Nena, does the proud slave crack. Buchi Fil’s final act shows the power of his spirit and his love.

10212 9493 Peter Eikelenboom Reggion Lichtenberg Shahaira Mauricia 1
Please See Attached Young and noble Maurice is a Shoe-in to be St. Lucille’s next Vice Principal, however, when the school board steps in to make changes, his alliances come into question and he’s left to make some bold decisions. Trinidad and Tobago 2018 narrative short 15 N English

The film is meant to be a conversation piece; a door opening on little mentioned issues of civil injustice and basic human dignity; of what real friendship means, and the hypocrisy of the well-intentioned and also funny.

6485 10202 1
The Blessing of Charlie Sand Sirius seeks out new adventures on his own, which leads him to meet a heavenly stranger. Trinidad and Tobago 1997 narrative short 15 N English

Sirius, now an old man, recalls a summer of his childhood, when his best friend, Bubba, formed a close relationship with newcomer, Charlie Sand. With the perceived loss of Bubba, Sirius seeks out new adventures on his own, which leads him to meet a heavenly stranger. Shot on location in Trinidad, The Blessing of Charlie Sand is an exploration of friendship.

10189 6084 1
The MidNite Affair Trinidad and Tobago 2011 narrative short 27 N English

An American supernatural scholar finds out the hard way that the tales he’s read in books are more than just fiction when he goes to Trinidad and Tobago with his girlfriend and finds himself caught in the middle of some good old fashion voodoo bacchanal

9981 9978 ,9979 Keshav Singh Kerri Tucker Kiwan Landreth-Smith Teneille Newallo Conrad Parris Penelope Spencer Luke Ribeiro 1
A People’s Art A cultural journey into London’s Notting Hill Carnival London, UK 2019 documentary featurette 58 N English

Ayesha, is a young British girl on a journey to find out the truth about what the Notting Hill Carnival really represents. From its genesis out of the 1958 race riots and a young man’s murder, to its contemporary perception as a Carnival of violence, Ayesha discovers the festival’s darker historical past, and the freedoms the vibrant event

10010 9995 ,9994 Ayesha Casely-Hayford Caribbean Spirit Award (Caribbean Tales 2020) Portobello Film festival 2019 1
Arts of Conflict The discourse of Notting Hill Carnival London, UK 2019 documentary feature 67 N English

London’s Notting Hill Carnival is coming under increasing pressure and attacks from the British press, politicians, police and local residents who consider it an event of conflict. This is the story of the controversial event, from its inception out of the 1950s London race riots, to its present-day controversies that see it perceived as a Carnival of violence. Focusing on its arts and the darker past from which it emerged, Arts of Conflict seeks to open up the conversation about Carnival’s significance and its origins.

10002 10013 ,10012 Trinidad & Tobago Carifesta Edition 2019 Portobello Film festival 2019 1
The Last Kill Crimes of retribution cannot stay secret forever. London, UK 2016 narrative feature 82 N English

Max is a troubled man living on the periphery of society. When he becomes the victim of a vicious knife attack by a youth, he is forced into early retirement and a period of psychological despair. Close to the edge and suicide, Max makes the alternative choice to pursue what we deem to be revenge against the youth and his friends. It is not long before Max is spying on the youths and taking clandestine photographs as he plots against them. Following the disappearance of a young girl and the youths, the police begin to take interest in Max who becomes their prime suspect. Yet as the Police investigate, some darker forces in Government office are also taking an interest in the case and seek to keep Max out of the public eye. As the police investigation focuses on Max, the young girl is found dead. Max must act quickly to escape the net and the darker forces which are closing in on him.

9998 Monkey Bread Tree Awards - Best Low Budget Feature Snowdance Film Festival Beloit International Film Festival Swedish International Film festival Los Angeles Cinefest 1
Caribbean Footsteps An arts & culture based series about the Caribbean diaspora in Europe London, UK 2013 series N 9993 1
Diva – Enemy of the People A tale of fashion and rebellion in paradise Saint Lucia, UK, France 2016 documentary feature 91 N English, Creole

Parisian crossdresser Vincent travels to his homeland the Caribbean island of St Lucia to stage what he believes will be the fashion show of his dreams. But on an island of fierce sexual politics, his arrival sparks immediate controversy with his flamboyant persona and sexuality splitting public opinion. Vincent soon begins to criticize the local fashion industry which leads to resentment from some of the islands’ elite. It is not long before he is fighting local hostilities, homophobia, and island officials. The fashion show soon becomes a direct challenge to the island’s status quo, and it isn’t long before it all starts to go wrong.

9985 9987 ,9988 Vincent McDoom Models – Various Lisa-Marie Faustin Trinidad & Tobago Bahamas Cinema on the Bayou Mexico International UK Screen One Caribbean Fashion & Arts 1
How Many Times? Trinidad and Tobago 2014 art short 12 N English

A bride-to-be discovers her abusive mother is released from prison and has trouble dealing with this news.

9972 9973 ,9974 Taromi Lourdes Joseph Stephen Hadeed Jr. Catherine Emmanuel Jada Leonard Cannes Short Film Corner (Cannes Court Métrage) 2014 1
Carnival Messiah Carnival Messiah is a radical re-invention of Georg Freidrich Handel’s oratorio ‘Messiah’ for large scale stage and theatre. UK 2017 documentary feature 125 N English

Carnival Messiah is a radical re-invention of Georg Freidrich Handel’s oratorio ‘Messiah’ for large scale stage and theatre, featuring Caribbean and contemporary popular music and dance genres, showcased through the spectacular carnival and masquerade of Trinidad and Tobago.

Carnival Messiah: The Film & Documentary presents this incredible theatrical production in full. It includes exclusive behind the scenes interviews, from then and now, with Carnival Messiah’s visionary creatives, cast members, the artistic director of the Southbank Centre, Jude Kelly, and also features additional filmed content from Danielle Dieffenthaller.

9769 9770 1
The Knot After secretly casting love spells on each other, a couple find out that digging deep into the dirt and the heart can reveal truths. St. Lucia 2017 short 15 N English

Gerald and Gina found love after magic but now the magic is gone and they both want out. Problem is leaving is easier said than done when there’s magic involved. ‘The Knot’ is based on a true story, originally retold by a priest, for the purpose of a magazine article written by Jacintha Annius-Lee. The article explored the use of Obeah in Saint Lucia, including ‘love ties’, which was further explored in the film.

9765 9766 Kazia Aurelien Naja Simeon Jacintha Lee Stephenson Annius 1
Moving Parts Zhenzhen is smuggled to the island of Trinidad where her brother Wei works construction. Trinidad and Tobago 2017 narrative feature 77 N English | Mandarin

Zhenzhen is smuggled into Trinidad and is threatened upon her arrival—she has to pay more money to enter into the country. Her brother Wei, who is working on the island in construction, intervenes and promises to pay her debt. Wei finds Zhenzhen a job at a Chinese restaurant where she crosses paths with Evelyn, a well educated, upper middle class Afro-Trinidadian, who has recently moved back to Port of Spain and runs an art gallery next to the restaurant. Wei tries to get an advance from his employer, Logan, but is unsuccessful. Zhenzhen becomes desperate and asks her employer, Mrs. Liu for the money, who agrees to give her an advance, but makes Zhenzhen promise she will work it off. Help comes unexpectedly from Evelyn—but the contrast of the dark rooms above the restaurant and the white gallery walls, calls everyone’s innocence into question. 


9747 9748 Valerie Tian Kandyse McClure Jacqueline Chan Jay Wong Godfrey Wei Keevan Chang On Nickolai Salcedo Stephen Hadeed Jr Arnold Goindhan Conrad Parris Sanjiv Boodhu Kongshiek Achong Low Nicholas Emery Dru Castiglione Yussuff Clarke Rachelle Hay Peter Louis Juliet Beresford Denver Film Festival, 2017 1
Public Spaces An exploration of the architectural work of Colin Laird Trinidad and Tobago 2012 documentary short 16 G English

Through an exploration of the social, developmental and environmental aspects of design, Public Spaces links the work of architect Colin Laird to the development of post-independence Trinidad and Tobago over the past 50 years.

9741 9742 1
Carmen and Geoffrey Carmen & Geoffrey features interviews and performance footage of friends and colleagues: dancers Judith Jamison, Gus Solomons, Jr., Dudley Williams, Ulysses Dove and Alvin Ailey. USA 2005 documentary feature 80 N English

The award-winning “Carmen and Geoffrey” is an intimate documentary which follows the careers of two remarkable personalities: Carmen de Lavallade and her husband Geoffrey Holder. Carmen, a dynamic dancer and choreographer from California, moved to New York with Alvin Ailey and began a legacy of modern dance in America. Geoffrey, a Trinidad-born choreographer, was also a set and costume designer, painter and man about town with productions such as The Wiz.

9735 9736 Best Film- trinidad+tobago film festival 09 1
Noh Matta Wat! The Diego Family is a seemingly normal family in Belize. But a chance meeting with a slick American stranger changes everything.... Belize 2005 narrative series N English

The Diego’s are a representative family of Garifuna descent making a life in Belize City, Belize.  Matriarch Granny Tomasa helps her niece Margret to raise her family.  Margret runs a small cook shop in front of the house with hopes of owning her own restaurant.  Little sister Lisani works after school as a hairdresser and has dreams of going to college.  Brother Randy is a rapper-wannabe who writes a song about finding his father and falls in with school friends Juni & Luga who run with the wrong crowd.  Sparks fly when Steve Castillo returns home to Belize after 18 years in the U.S.  He meets Lisani through her best friend Rosanna and finds he has a long hidden connection with the Diego family.

9616 9612 Sherlette Lopez Carrie Fairweather Curtis Gillett Shakera Samuels Kerret Paulino Hershabeth Ramclam Javier Canul Kent Clare Allison Hemsley 1
The Reef It begins and ends with murder and it gets the staff of The Reef Hotel, their associates and guests into a big bacchanal. Trinidad and Tobago 2007-2008 narrative series N English

The series starts with a bang- it’s a one hour action packed episode that begins and ends with murder and ties up the staff of The Reef Hotel, their associates and guests into a big bacchanal. The problem starts when surfer, Zed inadvertently discovers some misplaced “merchandise” on a beach in Tobago. Zed and his cohort, Abishek Butcher, make the wrong decision to try and sell the drugs – but boy are they out of their league! Abishek, being inexperienced in the business, tries to outsmart the middleman, Sanjay- now he has more than one person looking for him. The big question of the day is: who owns the drugs?

9576 9588 Kees Diefenthaller Kwesi Hopinkson Michael Cherrie Cecelia Salazar Brain Green Deborah Mailard Errol Sitahal Nadia Batson David Rudder 1
Where the Sun Sets Luke Singh is presented with an opportunity that could come at great cost. Trinidad and Tobago 2012 short 30 P

LUKE SINGH struggles to make ends meet working as a fisherman. Unable to provide for his sick grandmother, Luke is presented with an opportunity to make a lot of money, but the decision would come at a great cost.



9542 9543 Christopher Chin Choy Christian Gittens 1
Dal Puri Diaspora This documentary tracks dal puri’s remarkable passage across space and time, linking colonialism, migration and the globalization of tastes. Canada | Trinidad and Tobago 2012 documentary feature 80 A English | Bhojpuri with English subtitles

The recipe for dal puri traveled with indentured workers from India’s Gangetic plain to southern Caribbean colonies of Britain and the Netherlands in the 19th Century. In the 1960s the wrapped roti migrated from Trinidad to North America, where it is known as Caribbean or West Indian roti and is popular in cities like New York and Toronto. As the dish moved from home fire to street stall to restaurant chain, and from festival to fast food, the flatbread was radically transformed in ingredients, cooking method, ways of eating and identity. Shot in Toronto, Trinidad and India, this documentary tracks dal puri’s remarkable passage across space and time, linking colonialism, migration and the globalization of tastes. The documentary features interviews with leading food writers and scholars including Pushpesh Pant, Naomi Duguid, Brinsley Samaroo, Radhika Mongia and Patricia Mohammed.

9537 9538 1
Hit for Six A cricket player battles demons from his past while trying to make it to a world tournament. Barbados 2007 narrative feature 99 N English

‘Hit for Six’ is a captivating fictional story of a playboy West Indies cricketer who fights the demons of his past, including a match-fixing charge, and learns about love while struggling for his last chance to play in a major global tournament and earn the respect of his estranged father, a former great West Indies player. Alex Nelson, a talented but inconsistent cricketer, has been sidelined from the WI team for scuffling with his coach, Amir Misra of India. Now out of the team for three years, he pursues an unlikely quest to get back on the team for the last chance to play in the Global One Day Series. He is fueled by a burning desire to regain the respect of his estranged and critical father, a former great West Indies player, who was unfairly denied a chance to play in the first Global One Day Series.

9533 9532 Andrew Pilgrim, Rudolph Walker, Jeanille Bonterre, Alison Sealy-Smith Best Barbadian Film, Bridgetown Film Festival (2007) Best Actress, Jeanille Bonterre; Best Cinematographer, Richard Lannaman; Redemptive Storyteller Award, Redemptive Film Festival (2008) 1
’70: Remembering a Revolution A riveting chronicle of the Black Power uprising that took place in Trinidad and Tobago in 1970. Trinidad and Tobago 2010 documentary feature 114 G English

A revealing, riveting chronicle of the Black Power uprising that took place in Trinidad and Tobago in 1970. Featuring interviews with various activists, politicians, military officers and others who were caught up in the events, the film evokes those heady months when “Power to the people!” was the popular cry. Generous use of archive material and calypsos from the period rounds out this document of one of the most important—and most misunderstood—periods in the country’s modern history.

9524 9523 trinidad+tobago film festival, 2011 1
Fever Dream Plagued by dreams of a beautiful life once lived, a scrap metal collector travels out of town for a job which promises to provide a spark of hope. Jamaica 2017 narrative short 13 G English

Plagued by dreams of a beautiful life once lived or yet to come, a scrap metal collector living on the edge of a landfill travels out of town for a job which promises to provide a spark of hope.



7269 7270 1
Dreams in Transit A poetic reflection on the theme of identity and contemporary migration. United Kingdom | Trinidad and Tobago 2015 documentary short 29 G English

Dreams in Transit is a poetic documentary reflecting on the theme of identity and belonging for contemporary migrants. The filmmaker, a London-based Trinidadian, returns to the Caribbean to explore the meaning of ‘home’ and where it is that both migrants and non-migrants might be said to ‘belong’. Using a kaleidoscopic collage approach she talks to a range of people: from fishermen to artists and cultural commentators. Interwoven throughout is a meditative narration and the presence of a mysterious “Dream Woman”. Perhaps identity, as the theorist Stuart Hall suggests, is not an already accomplished fact, but rather a production, which is never complete, always in process.


9512 9514 Catherine Emmanuel Martina Laird 1
The Last Goldfish Su Goldfish searches for her lost family, unearthing her father's life story on a journey that leads her from Australia to Trinidad and World War II Germany. Australia 2017 documentary feature 81 P

Manfred Goldfish tried to put a lid on the trauma that made him a refugee in 1939. When his daughter unearths Manfred’s extraordinary story, on a journey that leads her from Australia to Trinidad and World War II Germany, she finds where she belongs, and we, touch on the truth for millions of others.

9503 9505 LastGoldfishFilm 1
A Caribbean Dream This beautiful re-imagining of Shakespeare's magical fairy tale "A Midsummer Night's Dream" is set modern day, under a full moon and during a Caribbean Festival. Barbados 2017 feature 82 P English

William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Nights Dream re imagined in Barbados. Conceived by Producer Melissa Simmonds.  Written and Directed by Shakirah Bourne. 

The Cropover festival, lovers’ quarrels, powerful herbs…and fairies. Those are the ingredients that director and screenwriter Shakirah Bourne has brewed into a modern-day retelling of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Set in Barbados, the film mixes Shakespearean language with Barbadian dialect amid lush tropical imagery for a Caribbean take on a comic classic.


9496 9497 Jherad Allenye Adrian Greene Keshia Pope Marina Rye Sam Gillett Susannah Harker 1
Bottom in de Road Explores 'bottom power' by offering insightful analysis of the female bottom seen through the gaze of the Caribbean man. Trinidad and Tobago 2015 documentary featurette 50 N English

With wit and humour, Bottom in De Road explores ‘bottom power’ by offering insightful analysis of the female bottom seen through the gaze of the Caribbean man. Human sexuality is examined through our cultural fascination with the female bottom presenting the historical context, its role in expressing freedom and independence and its influence as a source of religious controversy.

9490 9485 1
The Visitation An experimental short film that is a fusion of art, spectacle and extraterrestrial life in a Caribbean context. Trinidad and Tobago 2019 narrative short 6 N English

‘The Visitation’ is a Trinidadian Science-Fiction Thriller-Horror film, which tells the story of a carefree artist who is not concerned with the world around her. Her male friend calls to warn her of an imminent extraterrestrial threat but she pays him no heed. This short film is a fusion of art, spectacle and extraterrestrial life in a Caribbean context.

9459 Kavita Ganness Kirk Budhooram 1
The Madonna Murti Black and beautiful, the paradox of separation and unity. Trinidad and Tobago 2011 documentary featurette 55 G English

Siparia in southern Trinidad is home to a mysterious spiritual icon: a black female statue venerated by Catholics and Hindus alike. Through interviews with devotees, pilgrims, pundits and priests, the movie explores the obscure origins of Divina Pastora or Siparee Ke Mai and her continuing relevance today.

9455 7493 1
Caribbean Girl NYC An original comedy series following the life of Isabelle, a 22 year old aspiring actress, fresh off the plane from the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. New York City 2017 narrative series 26 A English with French Subtitles

An original comedy series following the life of Isabelle, a 22-year-old aspiring actress, fresh off the plane from the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. She dreams of being rich and famous and finding love in NYC. There’s only one problem: she has no working papers and no money! As Izzy teams up with three fellow islanders for hilarious misadventures and drama, will she find what she is looking for?

Flow Pilot Production Program by Caribbean Tales International

The series premiered in 2017 on Flow TV Network and at Caribbean Tales Film Festival in Toronto.

9331 9332 Katia Inamo as Isabelle (lead) Natalia Elizabeth as Tilly Jacinth Sutphin as Dana Yaya Williams as Kate Francois Angoston as Antoine Other Cast Jason – Gibrey Allen Mrs. Brown – Deborah Napier Receptionist – Laura Arten Isabelle’s mother – Lydia Darley caribbeangirlnyc 1
Towards Mecca An intimate exploration of the life of the Muslim Community in the French West Indies through the testimonies of women and men formerly Christians and now converted to Islam. Guadeloupe, Martinique 2019 documentary featurette 53 A French & Creole with Subtitles

An intimate exploration of the life of the Muslim Community in the French West Indies through the testimonies of women and men formerly Christians and now converted to Islam. After their conversion comes the questioning of their West Indian identity. They try to live their religion and spirituality in a place where Christianity is often an integral part of the local culture and where there is no real mosque. The film is totally unexpected and peaceful. Nature is very present. The narrative is built with a beautiful distance, far from the usual clichés and media stereotypes.

Watch the Full Document on Vimeo On Demand.

9340 9360 ,9359 Fabiola Viard Nina Kerkema 1
Between Two Shores Johanna and Cristina, natives of the Dominican Republic, left their homeland in search of better lives in Guadeloupe. Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe 2017 A French with English Subtitles, Spanish with English Subtitles

Johanna and Cristina, natives of the Dominican Republic, left their homeland in search of better lives in Guadeloupe. Although both found greater opportunities, they were forced to leave their children behind. “Between 2 Shores” offers a poignant look at the lengths families will go to stay together and the daily battles faced by many immigrants.

9352 9353 ,9355 Cristina Beato Johanna Olivares 1
Lifted Set against frank conversation about diversity in Trinidad and Tobago, 'Lifted' follows a day in the lives of a refugee family as they journey to a Moko Jumbie (stilt-walking) class. Trinidad and Tobago 2019 documentary short 25 N English, Spanish

Trinidad & Tobago is home to over 7,000 asylum-seekers and refugees—including parents who have fled to protect themselves and their children. Set against frank conversation about diversity, Lifted follows the highs and lows experienced by a refugee family as they journey through Port-of-Spain, and encounter a group of Moko Jumbies (stiltwalkers). Lifted is written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Miquel Galofré, produced by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and T&T Rocks, and features interviews with Sticks in De Yard/#1000Mokos.

9209 9211 ,9212 Carlos Miguel Johana Moko Jumbies trinidadandtobagorocks Festivals :New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Guyana, Dominican Republic. Peru Media Prize -Nouveaux Regards Film Festival - Guadaloupe 1
Hit Me With Music Documentary about the origins and impact of Dancehall music and dances in Jamaica Jamaica 2012 documentary feature 72 N Jamaican Patois, English 9006 9007 ,9008 Vybz Kartel Mavado Yellwoman Bogle TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO FILM FESTIVAL-BEST DOCUMENTARY/ PEOPLE'S CHOICE 1
Last Street Violence in Jamaica is always portrayed as drug related, this film unveils a real truth which links a culture of violence to masculinity and shooting guns. Jamaica 2019 documentary feature N English with subtitles,

Dudus¨ Coke, chaos reigns in his former areas of control in West Kingston, Jamaica. Bands of teenagers kill each other for any little reason. Although violence in Jamaica is always portrayed as drug related, this film unveils a real truth which links a culture of violence to masculinity and shooting guns. Most of the young people from the ghetto don´t even know why they kill each other but they are trapped in this cycle of violence. Former gangsters from Denham Town, Dudu´s previous stronghold, have become violence interrupters, a type of mediators who attempt to put an end to this nonsense situation.

Fragile Fragile is a documentary feature film that shows how the place where we are born determines our lives. In 2005 and 2006 we filmed the birth and the first year of life of four girls from four continents. Sweden, Liberia, Boliva, India 2016 documentary feature N

Fragile is a documentary feature film that shows how the place where we are born determines our lives. In 2005 and 2006 we filmed the birth and the first year of life of four girls from four continents (watch Una vida por delante, parts 1 and 2). All of them were born in a fragile context, mostly due to war and extreme poverty. Secret was born right after the civil war in Liberia, Noelia arrived in a indigenous family of Bolivia, Alaishri came to this world in the middle of a tough tribal conflict in Assam, India, and Daniela, daughter of a congolese undocumented immigrant, was born on the floor of a flat in Sweden. 10 years later we come back to meet them again.

8488 8490 ,8491 Festival Internacional de Cine del Medio Ambiente (FICMA BARCELONA). VIII FESTIVER. Festival de Cine Verde de Barichara. MemoriJove Award at Memorimage Festival Internacional de Cinema de Reus, Spain "What If... ? - The Women In Film Festival" (Switzerland) Festival Internacional de Cinema en Català Costa Daurada, Spain DocsBarcelona, Spain, 2018 9è Festival Internacional de Cinema de Cerdanya. Puigcerdà. Girona. Spain 10º Festival Internacional de Cine Invisible "Film Sozialak", Bilbao, Spain XVI Festival de Cine Mujeres en Escena, Málaga, Spain 13ª Muestra de Cine Europeo de Muces, Segovia, Spain 15º Festival de Cine y Derechos Humanos de Barcelona. 12ª Edición de Ecozine Festival Internacional de Cine y Medio Ambiente de Zaragoza. 1
Why Do Jamaicans Run So Fast? 'Why do Jamaicans Run so Fast' reveals how athletics and music have become ways to escape from poverty and violence in Jamaica. 2011 documentary feature 52 N Jamaican Patois, English

Jamaica, August 2008: The island is at a standstill as people’s eyes are glued to television. Led by the fastest man alive Usain Bolt, Jamaican athletes are winning the sprinting competitions at the Beijing Olympics. They break world records and challenge all logic. No world super-power can contest the victory of this small Caribbean nation. This film is the story of the six gold medals that put Jamaica at the center-stage of the world map. It is a story that reveals how athletics and music have become ways to escape from poverty and violence in Jamaica.

Ava & Gabriel: A Love Story (Ava & Gabriel – Un historia di amor) A Dutch painter arrives in Curaçao and finds he's not so welcome after choosing a young black woman to be his model for a painting of the Virgin Mary Netherlands | France | Netherlands Antilles 1990 narrative feature 100 1 Dutch | Papiamento with English subtitles

In 1940s Curaçao, Gabriel Goedbloed, a charismatic painter, arrives from Holland to paint a mural of the Virgin Mary in St Anna’s Church, under the request of its parish priest. The colonial Antillean society proves less than tolerant towards the visitor, especially after he chooses Ava—a young, mixed-race teacher, who is engaged to be married, as his model for the Virgin Mary.

7299 7303 Nashaira Desbarida | Cliff San-A-Jong | Theu Boermans | Carol Brown Winkel | Dolf de Vries | Geert de Jong | Geert de Jong | Edmond Classen | Frederik de Groot | Janine Veeren | Serge Ubrette | Rina Penso | Norman de Palm | Burny Every | Ana Muskus | Helen Kamperveen 1
Pashan of the Froot A mockumentary about reggae artist 'Pashan Froot' preparing to launch his new single 'Nibble on meh Naggle' at a concert in T&T Trinidad and Tobago 2011 narrative short 21 G English

This is the hilariously true / made-up story of the mysterious dancehall singer Pashan Froot. We follow this misunderstood genius as he gets ready to launch his new single, ‘Nibble on Meh Naggle’, and hear from the people closest to him, including his producer, his slippery manager, and Pashan’s number one (and only) fan.

7265 7266 Michael Mondezie - Pashan Froot | Keron Thompson | Kearn Samuels | Ashley Miranda | Nisha Lee-Archibald pashanfroot 1
Elza A young Parisian woman of Caribbean descent returns to her native island of Guadeloupe looking for the father she has never known. Guadeloupe 2011 narrative feature 80 P French with English subtitles

Bernadette, a single mother in Paris, tries to provide her daughters with everything. She is thrilled when her eldest daughter, Elza, is the first in the family to graduate from university. But Elza breaks her mother’s heart by running away to their native Guadeloupe in search of a distant childhood memory: the father she barely remembers. Simmering with intrigue and illicit scandal, Elza is a heady melodrama about a family and its deep, dark secrets.

7253 7255 Stana Roumillac | Vincent Byrd Le Sage | Christophe Cherki | Sophie Berger | Teddy Doloir | Eva Constant | Jihane Botreau-Roubel | Auriana Annonay | Mariette Monpierre | Nancy Fleurival | Michel Reinette | Yvon Potier | Chris Mouss | Grégory Blaineau | Jack Dugan | Laurence Joseph | Késiah Geran | Sandrine Merguin | Juliana Arconte | Laureine Beck | Arold Sorbe | Kengy Larochelle | Patrick Chouan | Isabelle Kancel | Grégory Jernidier | Stan Pasquin | Elody Stanislas | Tony Gareau-Demaray | Erick Marset | George-Marc Servier | Kristian Gemblour | Jean-Daniel Hauterville | Anselme Hodonozi | Pascal Boulere Alias Darkman | Léon Plancy | Mickaël Blameble | Gustave Bassieros | J.P. Nobert | Michel Bloumine | Harry Biocheau | Laurent Bamy ElzatheMovie Critics' Pick 2012 New York Times Winner Best Picture, Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival | Winner Paul Robeson Award, Best Picture of the Diaspora, FESPACO, Africa | Winner Best Narrative Feature, Roxbury International Film Festival | Winner Best First Feature Special Jury Recognition, Pan African Film Festival, L.A. | Winner BAFTA Festival Choice and Festival Programmers’ Awards, PAFF, L.A.   1
Pendulum A former solider investigating the murder of the CEO of a major software company must decipher whether he is being framed or is succumbing to the delusions of his illness Trinidad and Tobago 2015 narrative feature 72 N English

When Luther, the CEO of a major software company, realises he has a stalker intent on doing him harm, he calls in Ryan, an old friend and former soldier. Ryan, who is battling with post-traumatic stress disorder, tracks down the stalker and is forced to kill him, but in so doing, makes a shocking discovery. 

7029 7038 Jovon Browne | Stephen Hadeed Jr. | Anokha Baptiste | Scott Evans | Frances De Lancey | Chanel Glasgow | Lehann Anderson | Kristin Baptiste | Kevin Carter | Shallun Daly | Anderson Edghill | Mr. Fitzworm | Stefan Foderingham Garraway | Victoria Lewis | Danial Lumyoung | Kyle Mitchell | Rene Rochford | Zamora Simmons | Chenelle Spooner | Michael Vincent | Aaron Yuk Low 1
Caribbean Skin African Identity Exploring the idea of African identity in the Caribbean - has it changed? Trinidad and Tobago 2010 documentary featurette 40 A English

This documentary examines the concept of African identity as it has evolved over the generations in Trinidad and Tobago. In it, the director explores her own identity, using the Emancipation Day parade and its rituals as a starting point for her journey. Interviews with African-Caribbean people and scholars define and explain some of the complexities of race in this society.

7023 7026 Eniola Adelekan | Josene Clementy | Krys Darcelle Dumas | Ralph Henry | Hollis Liverpool | Vladimir Lucien | Oyetayo Raymond Ojoade | Tishanna Williams 1
Auntie When a barrel arrives from London bearing an unwelcome parcel, a caregiver in Barbados makes a hasty decision that risks destroying her special bond with a beloved child. Barbados 2013 narrative short 17 G English

“AUNTIE,” is a middle-aged seamstress and respected caregiver in her rural Barbadian community. Raising children whose parents are unwilling or unable, Auntie instills discipline, traditional values and a strong moral code. Twelve-year-old KERA is her latest ward and a special child to whom she has grown uncharacteristically close.

Seven years after Kera’s mother emigrates to England in search of a better life, Auntie is confronted with the day she has long dreaded.  The day the plane ticket which will reunite Kera with her mother, arrives. Unable to accept the inevitable, Auntie makes a hasty decision, which goes against everything she claims to stand for.  She risks damaging the special bond between them on the eve of the child’s departure.

7014 7015 Marcia Burrowes | Ché-Annika Mayers 1
Paradise Lost Carnival artist Peter Minshall tells the story of the design and construction of Paradise Lost, his first masquerade band for the Trinidad and Tobago carnival in 1976. Trinidad and Tobago 2015 documentary featurette 35 G English

‘Paradise Lost’ documents Peter Minshall’s recollection of the first band he ever designed under Stephen Lee Heung. The veteran producer of masquerade bands for Trinidad Carnival, Stephen Lee Heung, invited Peter Minshall to design his presentation for 1976 Carnival in Trinidad. Paradise Lost was the band and this documentary provides a blank canvas on which Masman, Peter Minshall relates the story, from the concept to the crossing of the stage at the Queen’s Park Savannah. The legendary mas man tells the story with the aid of his beautiful drawings of the costumes and live footage as only Minshall can.

6989 6973 ,6975 Peter Minshall trinidad+tobago film festival, 2015 Caribbean Tales Film Festival, 2015 1
Passage Seventeen year old Sandrine must hide her brother's illness in order to save his life. Bahamas 2014 narrative short 15 1 English

Passage centres around a group of Haitians locked in the hold of a fishing vessel being smuggled through the Bahamas into the United States. On these vessels communicable diseases such as dysentery are deadly and if individuals get sick they are thrown overboard.

6839 6840 Dana J. Ferguson | Jason Elwood Hanna | Aulenna Robinson | Ellis Stuart | Stephen Tyrone Williams | Lorenz Wright Best Short Film: Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival | Best Film: Open Category, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival | Director’s Choice Award: Portland Maine Film Festival | African Movie Academy Award: Best Short Film From The Diaspora | Best Short Film: Zimbabwe Film Festival | Best Actress: Dana Ferguson, Zimbabwe Film Festival | Best Actress in a Short Film: WideScreen Film Festival | Special Jury Award: Belize International Film Festival | Best Short Film: Caribbean Tales Film Festival, Toronto 1
Three Minutes A couple get more than they bargained for in three minutes. Trinidad and Tobago 2018 narrative short 5 N English

A couple’s three-minute wait for a pregnancy test becomes a ticking time bomb which sets off a minefield of unresolved issues in this uproariously funny comedy short.

6810 6809 Dru Cast | Chris Smith 1
Drink An undocumented immigrant and his son are smuggled into London, hiding a desperate secret. Trinidad and Tobago, U.K. 2013 narrative short 9 N

After being smuggled into the country with his young son, an illegal immigrant is forced to go on a desperate quest late at night on the gritty streets of London.  Left alone and penniless, the young father is forced to go on an urgent quest in the dead of night.  When his luck goes from bad to worse in the gritty neighbourhood, he is forced into an act of quiet desperation.

6803 6804 Natalie Elisha-Welsh | Moses Latif Official Selection Underwire Short Film Festival London, 2012 1
KINTO A homeless Jamaican boy, struggling to find his identity, encounters a life-changing crash incident. Jamaica 2018 narrative short 16 N English, Jamaican Patois with subtitles

Kinto lives on the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, wiping the windscreens of passing cars at stoplight intersections to earn money. Ambushed and beaten by a group of other street boys, a desolate Kinto embraces his identity when he makes an unexpected act of kindness.

6790 6792 Sekai Smart-Macaulay | Justin Hadeed Awn kintoshortfilm Best Short Film at Caribbean Tales Film Festival | Best Short Film at 12°N 61°W Grenadian Film Festival | Best Directing & Best Acting at the Palm Bay Caribe Film Festival 1
Agwe Disaster strikes when a young, Afro-Caribbean high Priestess goes against her intuition. Jamacia 2018 narrative short 10 N English

On a Caribbean island inhabited by the survivors of a slave shipwreck, a young priestess must overcome her insecurity, defy tradition and step into her power to save her people from impending danger.

6778 6775 Toni-Ann Tapper | Rushell Malcolm | Laava Royal | Noelle Kerr @agwethemovie @agwethemovie JAFTA PROPELLA FUND 2ND PLACE, CARIBBEAN ANIMATION, KINGSTOON 2019 1
Sensei Redenshon After being released from prison, a man will have to fight his past to recover the love of his son. Curacao, Netherlands 2014 narrative feature 110 N Papiamentu, with English subtitles

After an accident in the world of illegal street fighting and gambling, Sandro is sentenced for ten years in prison. He has to leave his only son, Shendel, behind. When Sandro is free again, all he wants is to recover the relationship with his now-teenaged son. What Sandro doesn’t know is that Shendel’s obsession with easy money has led him to follow in his father’s footsteps, into the world of underground fights. In order to protect his son and win back his trust, Sandro will have to engage in his toughest fight yet.

6558 6561 Amos Balentin | Milushka Birge | Benazir Charles | Shade Christiaan | Rudolfo Valentino Croes | Raul de Windt | Merietza Haakmat | Ethsel Juliette | Steven Lacroes | Diana Lebacs | Benjamin Martis | Rina Penzo | Brian Pietersz | Raydison Ramazan | Redfern Regales | Hubert Rosina | Darrick Sille | Sharif Sprockel | Jeanella Wall | Eddie Kin Hong Wong | John Zhu 1
Sin Ayo (No Goodbye) Flor Marie remembers tragic events that changed her life 50 years ago. Curacao 2018 narrative short 12 N Papiamento with English Subtitles

As Flor Marie reflects on the last time she saw her lover, her niece rummages through her stuff to find the last gift he gave her. He was one of the construction workers who died in the Juliana Bridge disaster in Curaçao on November 06, 1967.

6546 6541 1
The Cutlass Set in Trinidad, a weekend getaway turns to horror as a young woman finds herself in the grasp of a disturbed abductor. Trinidad and Tobago 2016 narrative feature 97 1 English

Inspired by true events, THE CUTLASS is a dramatic thriller set in the tropical wilderness of Trinidad and tells the story of a young woman who falls into the grasp of a dangerous sociopath. She finds herself isolated and musters the courage to emotionally battle the unsettled mind of her abductor.

6510 6512 Lisa-Bel Hirschman, Arnold Goindhan, Kirk Baltz, Rebecca M. Foster, Michael De Souza, Gary Moore, Ruby Parris, Conrad Parris, Jonathan Agostini, Alister Edwards, Chris Paul Smith, Alexis Marie Chin, Nicholas Subero, Shevonne Metevier, Skye Foster thecutlassmovie Best T&T Film: Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival 2016 | People’s Choice & Best Feature Film: Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival 2016 | Best Cinematography: Caribbean Tales Film Festival 2017 1
Live Bait Mervyn, a Trinidadian fisherman gets mixed up with a drug lord and past demons come back to haunt him and a sacrifice must be made. Trinidad and Tobago 2018 narrative short 24 N English

When a peaceful fisherman is guilted by his drug-dealing friend into helping him deliver some “packages” for a well-known drug lord to an isolated island in the Caribbean Sea, he is forced to overcome a distressing situation and make some scarring choices in order to survive.

6495 5998 Anand Lawkaran Chris Smith Joshua Philips 1
Captain T&T In Trinidad and Tobago, a six-year-old dreams of being a superhero. Trinidad and Tobago 2013 narrative short 12 N English

‘Captain T&T’ tells the story of six year old ‘Thin Foot’ as he strives to become the hero of his own life.

6316 5974 Wayne Burgess II | Blair Ambrosia Cameron | Rizario St Cyr | Kden Hee-Chung | Zeek Loregnard | Sherwin Marcelle | Niall Royal | Arlene Simon | Mark Wallace 1
Lime of the Dead While drinking at the village bar, Lenroy becomes a little ill. His friends try to help him, but end up falling out with each other in the process. Trinidad and Tobago 2013 narrative short 10 N English

While liming with his friends, Lenroy becomes a zombie. His friends deal with his zombification, but fall out with each other in the process.

10199 6479 Sekou V. Charles Marcus Waldron Yuri Anderson 1
Uncle Duppy A man attempts an exorcism after suspecting his niece of bringing evil spirits into his house. Trinidad and Tobago 2014 narrative short 5 N English

When a superstitious Jamaican man suspects his niece, Jasmine of bringing evil spirits ‘duppies’ into his house, he attempts to remedy the situation through an improvised exorcism. But the exorcism amounts to nothing more than a violent attack on the child and the said ‘duppies’ must rescue her from her uncle’s abusive hands.

10191 6475 Joshua Paul 1
Doubles with Slight Pepper At Christmas, a young street food vendor in Trinidad learns that his estranged father is seriously ill. Canada / Trinidad and Tobago / USA 2012 narrative short 16 N English

Doubles with Slight Pepper is a dramatic film set in Trinidad during Christmas. It’s a coming of age story centered around Dhani, a young street food vendor, who must decide if he will help save his estranged Father from dying.

6468 6456 Errol Sitahal | Sanjiv Boodhu | Ken Boodhu | Karen Saban | Selvon Ramlal | Susan Hannays-Abraham @iankh harnarine BEST LIVE ACTION SHORT DRAMA - Genie Awards 2012 (The Canadian Academy Awards) BEST CANADIAN SHORT FILM - Toronto International Film Festival 2011 CANADA’S TOP TEN SHORT FILMS 2011 BEST FILM - Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival 2012 STUDENT GRANT AWARD - National Board of Review WASSERMAN AWARD FINALIST - The First Run Film Festival 2012 THE SPIKE LEE PRODUCTION FUND AWARD FELLOWS FUND AWARD - The Hollywood Foreign Press Association MARTIN E. SEGAL PRIZE - The Segal Company POST-PRODUCTION ASSISTANCE & SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT AWARD - The Trinidad & Tobago Film Company BEST SHORT FILM - Bushwick Film Festival 2013 RIESE POST-PRODUCTION AWARD Toronto International Film Festival, 2011 Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival, 2012 The First Run Film Festival, 2012 Bushwick Film Festival, 2013 1
Pothound The point-of-view of a street dog in relation to the world around her, she runs into adversity and forms alliances. Trinidad and Tobago 2011 narrative short 11 N English

Pothound tells the point-of-view of a stray dog as she transverses the streets of modern Trinidad and Tobago. She retrieves a lost purse for an older woman but is chased away, gives her only bone to a struggling essential oils vendor, but is met with scorn and helps a young girl carry drinking water home, only to be scolded. Her attempts to help people on her travels are continuously misunderstood. When Pothound saves a young boy from being bullied she narrowly escapes injury. Pothound’s adventures take her from the beach and back home where an encounter with the cook from the Chinese restaurant where she stole the aforementioned bone from, changes her life forever.

5979 5982 ,5983 Bubbercin, Caroline Rogers Driscoll, Christopher Guinness, Leizelle Guinness, Philip James, Lucille Poon Kwong, Justin Chin Lee, Malik Lewis, Kwangsun Lui, Keinette Roge 1
Tickle Me Rich Got horned? Get even. Trinidad and Tobago 2012 narrative short 13 N English

Lizzie, a distraught bride-to-be, is comforted by three of her girlfriends who offer irreverent advice on sex, love, money and revenge.

6049 Delores Alexander | Joanna Charles-Francis | Deliece Knights | Louanna Martin 1
Nang by Nang Nang has lived outside the box, born in a Trinidadian village in the 1920's she survived by defying convention. Canada / Trinidad and Tobago 2017 documentary short 40 N English

Nang is a true survivor at 93. She was born in a rural village in Moruga, Trinidad in the 1920s to Chinese/French/ African and Amerindian parents. She has had many roles – dancer, model, singer, maid, nurse and even cinema operator. Director Richard Fung lovingly documents his second cousin as she retraces her steps to the many highlights and heartbreaks of her life along her journey from Port of Spain to Caracas to New York and New Mexico.

6116 6118 1
Same Old Shit When a tempered rock icon is confronted with an unlikely souvenir from his outrageous past, he is enticed to return to his true nature. Trinidad and Tobago 2018 narrative short 5 N English 10069 Conrad Parris, Cecilia Salazar 1
Brown Girl Begins It’s 2049 and a druglord owns the streets of The Burn. Young Ti-Jeanne must choose between her fear of dying like her mother, or harnessing the power of the Caribbean spirits to save her people. 2018 narrative feature 70 N English

It’s 2049 and Toronto the Good has been taken over by the wealthy. A wall has been built around the city and the poor are expelled to an island off the coast, known as The Burn. The segregated Burndwellers have been forced to scrape out a living by bartering, recycling, and farming. Mami is the unspoken leader of the Burn, sharing her Caribbean herb lore and leading her followers in an ancient spiritual practice. Ti-Jeanne turns 19 and the time has come for her to succeed her grandmother and become a Priestess. When Mami tries to prepare her to take part in the same possession ritual that killed her mother, Ti-Jeanne refuses. She flees with her young love Tony to the other side of the Burn in hopes of leaving the spirit business behind. Until – out of the ashes of The Burn, a drug lord rises to take control of the remaining population and uses his right hand, Crack, to torment the Burn dwellers and prepare them for sale to mainlanders as smart slaves. When Crack begins torturing the children of the Burn, Ti-Jeanne can no longer refuse her other-worldly powers as a priestess. She is the only hope to save them. Can Ti-Jeanne handle the power of the spirits she has been so afraid of and save her people, or will her fear kill her?

6065 6064 Allison Augustin Danielle Ayow Measha Brueggergosman Hannah Chantée Alli Chung Rachael Crawford Joey DeCarle Sonia Dhillon Tully Leon Elkaim Dorett Emanuei Charles Fowler Franckie Francois Howard Gord Elijha Hammill Kiki Hammill Brittany Johnson Amrit Kaur Keeya King Sy Jin Lee Andy McQueen Nadin Rizk David Rudder Peter Sacco Ryan Singh Patrick Sue-Chan Cameron Switzer Ronald Tang Allen Zarnett browngirlbegins browngirlbegins NOMINEE, BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: Canadian Screen Awards, 2018 NOMINEE, ACHIEVEMENT IN MAKE-UP: Canadian Screen Awards, 2018 WINNER, BEST COSTUME DESIGN: Houston Black Film Festival, 2018 NOMINEE, BEST FILM, YOUTH JURY: Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, 2018 NOMINEE, BEST FIRST FEATURE FILM: Pan African Film Festival, 2018 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Black Future Month Tour- Vancouver International Film Festival’s Black Film Series: Vancity Theatre, 2018 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Timehri Film Festival, Guyana, 2018 FFICIAL SELECTION: Durban International Film Festival, 2018 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Cinemigrante, Argentina, 2018 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Bloody Mary Film Festival, Toronto, 2018 WINNER OF AWARD OF MERIT SPECIAL MENTION IN THE AFRICAN AMERICAN CATEGORY: Indiefest, 2017 NOMINEE, OUTSTANDING WORLD CINEMA: Urbanworld Film FestivaL, 2017 NOMINEE, BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE FILM: Montreal International Black Film Festival, 2017 NOMINEE, BEST FEATURE FILM: ReelBlack Awards, 2017 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Urbanworld Film Festival, NYC, 2017 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Montreal International Black Film Festival, 2017 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Urban Mediamakers Film Festival, Atlanta, 2017 1
Venus and Magnet Trinidad and Tobago 2018 documentary short 10 N English

Venus is a happy pup, who like many other dogs, loves to run and play. However, Venus is a Doggess of love, who proves that no matter how different we are, we can still be friends. One day, Magnet comes into her life and an unlikely bond develops.

6124 6125 Venus Magnet Best TT Short FIlm - T & T FIlm Festival 2018 1
No Me Olvidaré de Ti (I Will Not Forget You) Still struggling with loss, a caring father and his daughter are moved by the Christmas spirit to connect with their Puerto Rican roots by reaching out to victims of the hurricane. USA 2019 narrative short 12 N English, Spanish

A father and his eight-year-old daughter, Billie, decorate their Christmas tree for the first time since the loss of Billie’s mother. The news on the radio serves as a further reminder that it won’t be a merry Christmas for everyone. Weeks after the 2017 hurricane in Puerto Rico, residents still struggle with basic needs. Billie worries about her Puerto Rican family, her father manages to reassure her temporarily. Billie leaves a note for Santa before she goes to bed. At midnight, on Christmas Eve, Billie’s father carefully arranges her presents under the tree and reads her note to Santa. Billie has asked Santa to send her presents to the children of Puerto Rico. Her kind-hearted gesture brings her father to tears. Her inclination to help, reminds him of the last time he spent time with his late wife, a U.S. Marine, before she left to serve. As he dozes off, she visits him in his sleep. On Christmas morning Billie awakens to find that “Santa” has written her back a letter. Her presents will indeed go to children in Puerto Rico.


6095 6097 Courtney Charles | Ellie Diez | Alexandra Fagins | Nina Spensley Best Inspirational short film- Rincon International Film Festival 1
Yochi A 9-year old selectively mute Mayan boy guards a nest of Yellow-Headed Parrots in Belize's pine savannah. His older brother, in debt, turns to poaching... Belize 2017 narrative short 24 N English with subtitles

Yochi, an 9 year-old selectively mute Mayan boy, guards a nest of yellow headed parrot chicks on sacred land entrusted to him by his grandfather. When Yochi discovers his beloved older brother Itza is poaching in order to pay his debts, Yochi’s loyalties are put to the test. When Itza realizes he has poached Yochi’s nest, he is faced with a dangerous sacrifice.

6107 6106 Maria Garcia | Kerry Johan Landero | Evan Martinez | Dean Santos Winner of Best Short Film at the 2016 Belize International Film Festival | New Mexico Women In Film Post-Production Award 1
A Bess Pelau Sent abroad by his mother to 'grow up', Sean quickly realizes how much he has depended on her when he is faced with the prospect of making his first meal. Trinidad and Tobago 2012 narrative short 9 N English

Sean is a spoilt young man that has been coddled and cared for by his mother for far too long. He is sent to the UK by his now fed up mother, forcing him to take responsibility for himself.

Basic life skills prove to be a challenge, especially the prospect of cooking his first meal. Spurred on by his mutinous stomach and hankering for a taste of home, Sean embarks on the journey to making his first cooked meal.

His impatient and impetuous attitude must change in order to complete this mammoth task.

6077 6076 Joseph Brown | Catherine Peterson-Francis trinidad+tobago film festival, 2012 Caribbean Film Corner, 2012 1
Joebell and America Joebell catching hell in Trinidad so he make up his mind to go. The place he choose is America... Trinidad and Tobago 2004 narrative feature 83 N English

The self confident gambler Joebell, in an attempt to escape the drudgery of life in Trinidad, schemes to find his way to the promise and fantasy of America. Each step of his journey uncovers him to himself and his island he had never really seen.

A poignant tale of love, ambition and self-discovery.


6091 6088 Brian Green | Eunice Alleyne | Hasani Wattley | Grace Maharaj Best International Narrative Feature—Women’s International Film Festival, Miami, Florida 2008 1
Julia and Joyce: Two Stories of Two Dance Pioneers Julia and Joyce: Two Stories of Two Dance Pioneers, marks important dance heritage of Trinidad and Tobago and the world, as told through the fascinating histories of two Trinidad and Tobago dance pioneers, now in their seventies. Both Julia Edwards and Joyce Kirton tell their respective stories, full of challenges, humour and triumphs. Trinidad and Tobago 2010 documentary feature 61 A English

The dance history of Trinidad and Tobago often remains in the memories of those who executed it, and when they pass on, there is precious little left behind. This film looks at aspects of the local dance world and its impact through the eyes of two dance legends, Julia Edwards and Joyce Kirton, in an attempt to capture some of this history.

Now in their seventies, Julia and Joyce have together contributed over 100 years of dedicated work to the local dance community. They have been instrumental in the preservation of and innovation in countless traditional dance forms, and their commitment is echoed in the accomplishments of the dancers and choreographers who have come after them. This loving portrait is as much a tribute to these two pioneering women as it is a history of dance in T&T.

6057 6060 Marilyn Alfonso, Joy Dumas, Earl Edwards, Julia Edwards, Ray Funk, Charmaine Grant, Nancy Herrera, Vernon Hope, Helen Humphrey, Janis Hutchinson, Rosie Jackson, Roslyn Jackson, Joyce Kirton, Albert Laveau, Bill Trotman, James Lee Wah, Earlyn Williams 1
Avocado and Zaboca Trinidad and Tobago 2014 narrative short 5 N English

Set in the clearing of a Caribbean rain forest full of lively characters and quirky songs, “Avocado and Zaboca” explores the themes of conflict resolution, tolerance and friendship, all while teaching very young children the alphabet.

10508 Delores Alexander Lisa Beharry-Gift Joanna Charles-Francis Sonja Dumas Nicola Johnston Deliece Knights Louanna Martin Shari Rhyner 1
Sans Souci Trinidad and Tobago 2009 narrative short 27 N

Sans Souci is a drama about a group of childhood friends brought back together under tragic circumstances then riven by differences in opinion around the 9/11 attacks in New York. All of the action of the film takes place at a house at Sans Souci on Trinidad’s north coast, the beautiful, isolated location becoming a crucible for the characters, their emotional experiences contrasting sharply with the name of the place (sans souci, without a care or worry).

10205 5991 ,5990 1
Mangroves A man goes in search of something mysterious in the Trinidadian mangroves, unraveling a supernatural world as he races back to safety, before the sun sets. Trinidad and Tobago 2018 narrative short 16 N English

A desperate man embarks on a journey into the intimidating mangroves in search of something mysterious. Lost and hopeless he’s not sure where to go. While there he faces surprises that cause him to question his surroundings, and he soon learns that he must race back to safety before sundown or risk encountering the terror that lurks in the mangroves at night.

5949 5946 ,5948 Stephen Hadeed Jr. | Teneille Newallo | Anand Lawkaran | Joshua Dowlth | Adrianne Eligon 1
Salt of the Earth When parang was born in Trinidad, it was played by workers in the cocoa plantations as entertainment for their families and friends after a hard day’s labour. "Salt of the Earth" explores this ancient music tradition called parang and the ones who made it survive. Trinidad and Tobago 2005 documentary short 52 N English

‘Salt of the Earth’ explores one facet of Trinidad’s culture through the music tradition of parang and the performers responsible for its survival—the parranderos as well as beloved television presenter, Holly Betaudier.

The music sets the pace for the discovery of the island’s beauty, its history, its landscape and its people. This is a journey into Trinidad’s past to better understand how an English-speaking country has managed to keep and continue a centuries-old Spanish tradition.

10322 5925 1
Mystic Fighters "Mystic Fighters" is the contemplative journey of a warrior paced by the beat of Trinidadian drums and rituals. Trinidad and Tobago 2011 documentary short 51 N English with subtitles

“Mystic Fighters” is a documentary-based story on the ritual of stick fighting in Trinidad & Tobago and the power of the ancestral drum.

Mystic Fighters takes the spectator to the heart of Trinidad’s African heritage with testimonies of respected elders and well-established artists.

The film’s tension revolves around the stick-fighting competition, the preparation, the fights leading to the finals where the winner is declared. The history behind the tradition is the story of Trinidad brushed over the past century and also portrayed by the reconstruction of the burning of the sugar canes from which the Canboulay celebrations were born.

The rhythm of the film is constructed around the ‘chantuel’ and the calinda songs with drum being one of the main characters of the film; how its spirit is mastered is key to stick-fighting and transforming the sport into a ritual.

5930 5931 trinidad+tobago film festival, 2012 1
The Cool Boys Trinidad and Tobago 2012 narrative short 27 N English

The Cool Boys is a twenty seven minute short film, using narrative fiction, and established around a flow of events that involve three young men still in their teenage years. The main protagonist Alpha, one of the three, has just turned 18 and finds himself in trouble. He is called upon to make an ethical decision that itself challenges the conventional definitions of being cool.

5920 Sean Nebula | Olatunji Yearwood | Bradley Ceasar 1
Kafou Doc and Zoe are just hired for the night to deliver an unknown package. At a crossroad, they stumble upon a dog. In Haiti, each crossroad requires a sacrifice. Haiti 2017 narrative short 50 N

Port-au-Prince by night. Doc and Zoe are just hired to deliver an unknown package. Their job comes with three essential rules: never stop the car, never roll down the windows, never open the trunk. At a crossroad, they stumble upon a dog. Each crossroad requires a sacrifice. Their decision will change their path irreversibly.

5907 5905 ,5906 Jasmuel Andri | Rolapthon Mercure | Manfred Marcelin | Rolando Etienne | Marcus Boereau | Israel Geffrard | Jenny Cadet | Pascale Julio | Christelle Tropnas | Sionel Dorcély | Ralphe Théodore | Nelchaela Eleorata Adonis | Tedd Alvarez | Roblain Auguste | Presnel Bazile | Olivier Laurent Chéry | Kaina César | Clifford Divergisse | Johnny Exantus | Cherline Fleurantus | Michael Fleurantus | Nathalie Fleurantus | Anthony Georges | Alain Germeus | Didier Jabarth | Clorette Jacinthe | Jimmy Jean-Baptiste | Sandy Jeudy | Frantz Jérôme | Marie-Paule Monesca | Matsen Montoban | Dukens Métélus | Yvenie Paul | Massillon Petit-Frère | Daniel Pierre | Berline Vital 1
Studio Archives Studio Archives is a docu-series that takes you inside the studios of prominent Caribbean Artists while exploring their artistic journey and philosophy. Trinidad and Tobago 2017 documentary short 27 N English

Jackie Hinkson: Jackie Hinkson talks about how he developed an affinity for the light and landscape of Trinidad and his first encounter with watercolour paintings.

Shalini Seereeram: Shalini Seereeram’s use of found objects is absolutely singular! She talks about how she developed this talent and the significance of the figures in her paintings.

Che Lovelace: Che Lovelace loves to experiment with his work and always keeps it on the edge, even if it means cutting up old paintings to make new ones out of the scraps.

Sundiata: Sundiata is most interested in responding to his environment through the use of paints, charcoal, pastels and sculpture. He talks about how a lack of resources led him to a career as an artist.

Edward Bowen: For Edward Bowen building a house and making an exhibition aren’t so different. He gives some insight into his latest big project.

LeRoy Clarke: “I am moving towards something that awaits me to complete it” Arguably one of the most prominent figures in Trinidadian art, LeRoy Clarke talks about his work and spiritual influences.

5826 5828 ,5829 Jackie Hinkson | Shalini Seereeram | Che Lovelace | Ian “Sundiata” Stewart | Edward Bowen | LeRoy Clarke 1
Minutes to Midnite Once upon a time there was Snake, this is how his life changed in a matter of minutes Trinidad and Tobago 2009 narrative 21 N English

A noir, fantasy crime drama unfolds when ruthless Trinidadian gang member, Snake, kills his leader, Mr. Tiger. Shortly afterwards, Snake receives a message that someone named Anansi Spider is going to “take care of him.” Following a near-death experience at the hands of a wicked woman, Snake receives a call from Anansi Spider, warning him that his life is in danger. Snake grapples with whether or not to trust this mysterious man, and, ultimately, makes a deadly decision.

5732 Alan Ferreira | Wendell Manwarren | Teneille Newallo | Stefan Simmons | Christianne Steel | Leston Thompson | Keron Miguel Yan 1
She Paradise A teenage girl finds that becoming a glamorous soca-music dancer is a lot harder than she first reckoned. Trinidad and Tobago 2018 narrative short 14 N English

Sparkle is a teenager on the brink of adulthood with few prospects, friends or motivation after graduating from high school.

5230 5233 Onessa Nestor Cheneka Clifford Denisia Latchman 1
Rain A young Bahamian girl, Rain, boards a local mail boat from Ragged Island and sets sail for Nassau. Stranded in an unfamiliar environment that fills her with dread and confronted by a mother she has never known, Rain searches desperately to find her own place in the world. Bahamas 2008 narrative feature 93 R English

When Rain’s beloved grandmother dies she is forced to trade her simple but happy life on Ragged Island for the uncertainties of living in the capital with her mother, Glory, who abandoned her while a baby. Home becomes a two-room Nassau shack and Glory proves unfit for parental duties, being a drug addict, a prostitute, and quite possibly HIV positive. Rain seems destined for a bleak future, but for one thing: she is a promising sprinter. Her school’s track teacher, Trinidadian Ms Adams, becomes coach and mother figure to Rain, who is determined, almost literally, to outrun her fate.

4784 5229 Renel Naomi Brown | Irma P. Hall | Nicki Micheaux | CCH Pounder. 1
4AM Spoken-word poet Muhammad Muwakil narrates one of his compositions, about life in the Belmont suburb of Port of Spain. Arresting images of the streets of Belmont during the early hours of the morning accompany his recital. Trinidad and Tobago 2011 art short 4 N English

“It’s 4 am. Amen. I still alive. Belmont didn’t take my life last night.” Against the tranquillity that precedes a bustling dawn, Trinidadian spoken word poet Muhammad Muwakil conjures a powerful picture of life in a suburb of Port of Spain, Trinidad. His evocative depictions of the dangers that linger around every corner help define this dynamic neighbourhood.

5227 5228 Muhammad Muwakil trinidad and tobago film festival, 2010 Toronto International Film Festival 1
Trafficked Three friends on vacation on a Caribbean island are seduced by a wealthy stranger, and become pawns in a deadly game. Trinidad and Tobago 2015 narrative feature 72 N English

George, Penn and Nadia are best of friends. While on vacation on an idyllic Caribbean island, they find themselves being seduced by a stranger’s wealth and charm. When the stranger’s true motives are revealed, the three friends realise that they are pawns in a deadly game.

4616 5223 Aaron N. Charles | Gyerlini Clarke | Kia Rollock | Brett Bengochea | Anokha Baptiste | Viana Moreau Brendon O'Brien | Abdi Waithe Winner, Best Local Feature. trinidad + tobago film festival 2015 Award of Merit, International Film Festival - Family Against Drug Abuse & Trafficking 2016 Winner, Best Foreign Feature, San Francisco Black Film Festival 2016 Official Selection, Bahamas International Film Festival 2015 Official Selection, Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano 2015 Official Selection, Festival del Global Cine Dominicano 2015 Official Selection, Martinique International Film Festival 2015 Official Selection, Pan African Film Festival 2016 Official Selection, Festival International du Film PanAfricain de Cannes 2016 Official Selection, New Voices in Black Cinema 2016 Official Selection, World Festival of Emerging Cinema 2016 Official Selection, Cayman International Film Festival 2016 Official Selection, Zanzibar International Film Festival 2016 Official Selection, Barbados Visual Media Arts Festival 2016 Official Selection, Caribbean Tales International Film Festival 2016 Official Selection, Long Beach Indie International Film Festival 2016 Official Selection, Newark International Film Festival 2016 Official Selection, Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival 2016 Official Selection, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival 2016 Official Selection, Belize International Film Festival 2016 1
City on a Hill City on the Hill is a look at the history of the communities erected on the hillside slopes of Laventille. The film examines the evolution of the chequered relationship between the landscape and its inhabitants, as well as selected aspects of Laventille’s architecture. Trinidad and Tobago 2015 documentary featurette 50 N English

‘City on a Hill’ is a documentary film capturing the built and cultural heritage of East Port of Spain and exploring how the contributions made by this urban settlement may be harnessed for economic growth. Through archival research, interviews with residents, and historical markings on the landscape, the film captures the proud identity of the people of the districts on the eastern fringe of the city of Port of Spain that are collectively called Laventille. It examines it’s past and present history, its rich built and cultural heritage through testimonies of creativity and survival of its citizens young and old.

4795 5221 1
My Father’s Land Papa Jah, a humble Haitian gardener, has lived in the Bahamas for 40 years. As his marginalized community, faces a strict new deportation policy and growing xenophobia in the Bahamas, he returns to Haiti, to reunite with his 103 years old father and the land he left behind. 2016 documentary feature 60 N

My Father’s Land is a feature documentary exploring the life of Papa Jah, a humble Haitian Gardener, whom has spent the last forty years in the Bahamas, building a life for himself and his children, while living in a marginalised Haitian community nicknamed the Mud. When news arrives of his 103 year old Father taking ill back in Haiti, Papa Jah fears he may not see him before he passes. He then sets out on an adventure, traveling back though Haiti, to his families small village on the island La Tortue, to reunite with his Father; hopefully before its too late. Juxtaposed against the strikingly rich visual texture of the Caribbean, this travel adventure story entertains through humor, intimate cultural spaces and vivid landscapes, while touching on socio-economic complexities of immigration, culture and identity.


8907 8908 Papah Jah Trinidad And Tobago Film Festival - Amnesty International Award 1
Black Hair The struggles of having black hair. Trinidad and Tobago 2018 documentary short 20 N English

The beauty industry hails the European standard of beauty. But one model, Gabriella Bernard, is challenging that.

5197 5198 1
La Gaita A story of two very different brothers. 2012 documentary feature 105 N

This film is the story of two very different brothers. Willy’s the difficult one consumed by his own impatience and Tito is the tireless believer and visionary.

Despite their differences, Willy and Tito agreed on one thing: that their quest in life is to use their music to help the down-and-outers, the lonely and the broken to accept themselves during what some consider to be the loneliest and most vulnerable time of the year… Christmas.

5158 5160 'Peoples' Choice Award: Best Feature Documentary Film'—trinidad+tobago film festival (2012) 'Special Mention Jury Award Best T&T Film'—trinidad+tobago film festival (2012) trinidad and tobago film festival, 2012 1
Nearest Neighbours Venezuelan refugees move to Trinidad and Tobago with hopes of bettering their own lives and that of their families, only to find an unwelcoming environment and the uncertainty of their future while caught in a legal limbo. Trinidad and Tobago 2019 documentary short 22 N

Since 2015, at least 16,000 Venezuelans are confirmed to have fled to Trinidad and Tobago. The twin-island republic is of one of the most economically viable options for asylum seekers, yet many are unaware of the reality that is to welcome them. Nearest Neighbours interweaves the stories of four main sets of characters: a journalist; a couple with three young children and their abuela; a woman who is living in a horse stable among other refugees; and a computer engineer turned construction worker and his family.

The film explores how these refugees and asylum-seekers navigate their environments daily and work to move their lives forward amidst many unexpected challenges, including rampant xenophobia and a lack of legal rights due to the absence of local refugee legislation.

4948 4949 nearest_neighbours 1
Shan Shan Fernandez is a Trinidadian dancer, trained in the art of Limbo dance. She performs in front of international audiences three times daily as a member of the Universal circus. Trinidad and Tobago, USA 2014 documentary short 7 N

This documentary looks in on Shan’s journey while following her in front and behind the stage. We experience the hopes, dreams and fears of a young woman living away from home for the first time. While she moves onto a broader more international stage, she copes with feelings of isolation and separation.

6331 1
Paddlin’ Spirit In her work the controversial Jamaican artist Laura Facey explores the indescribable cruelty of slavery, but also the resilient nature of the human being. Jamaica 2016 documentary short 30 N English

‘Paddlin’ Spirit’ is a short documentary film about the controversial Jamaican artist Laura Facey, whose work explores the indescribable cruelty of slavery but also the resilient nature of the human being. Loved and hated in equal parts in her country of origin due to the explicitness of her work, Laura Facey stands out for denouncing women’s abuse past, present and future and for healing from her own traumatic experiences.

4654 4935 1
Quiet Revolution Quiet Revolution follows a group of everyday heroes who aim to give voice to permaculture ("the quiet revolution") in Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago 2016 documentary short 15 N English

Erle “the crazy runner” is a farmer, an adventure racer and barefoot ultra-marathoner, and now a major advocate for Permaculture in T&T. He was raised in non-farming African and Canadian urban settings, with no prior knowledge of the Caribbean landscape. Armed only with an old photocopy of a permaculture (“permanent agriculture/ culture”) manual, Erle set out to regenerate the land. Against a land history of fire damage, herbicide and pesticide use, his permaculture farm, Wa Samaki Ecosystems, is a hub for ecological farming and learning.

4799 4800 Jury Award at Green Screen: The Environmental Film Festival 2016 (Trinidad and Tobago) | Official Selection: Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival 2017 (New Zealand) | Caribbean Lens International Film Festival 2017 (CA, USA) 1
Seventeen Colours and a Sitar A visual and sonic Caribbean feast featuring British born painter Rex Dixon and Trinidadian sitarist Mungal Patasar. Trinidad and Tobago 2010 documentary short 35 P English

Seventeen Colours and a Sitar is a riveting explosion of paint and music. In this beautifully crafted film, British born painter Rex Dixon and Trinidadian musician Mungal Patasar explore musical interpretations of colour and visual imagery that deal specifically with the journey between India and the Caribbean. Dixon produced a series of paintings based on a trip to India in 2010 and the India trained classical sitarist Patasar writes original music that is inspired by these paintings.

The film features original pieces created on-screen by both Dixon and Patasar who discover common threads in their work. The film is shot in an experimental art documentary style, ‘Seventeen Colours and a Sitar’ and gives a one of a kind opportunity for viewers to see two artists from two seemingly opposed genres (a western abstract expressionist artist and an oriental trained classical sitarist) explore the similarities and differences in their processes of making their art, and to demonstrate the fusion between two disparate art movements before the camera. The Caribbean landscape provides a canvas and sounding board for their explorations of colour and tonality and explodes on film as a marriage between intuitive and experimental ways of working.

Filmed in high definition, with dreamscape appearance by the 3 Canal musical trio who join Dixon in his studio to put their song to painting, the film engages with the creolized identities that emerge from the Caribbean landscape which offers a diverse palette that feeds their intuitive and experimental ways of working.

4792 5191 ,4830 Rex Dixon | Mungal Patasar | Wendell Manwarren | Roger Roberts |  Stanton Kewley | Karen Dass 1
Coolie Pink and Green An experimental documentary exploring the aesthetics of an Indo-Caribbean population through colour, song and dance. Trinidad and Tobago 2009 documentary short 25 P English

Coolie Pink and Green is an experimental documentary, referencing Bollywood which takes the form of a narrative. Despite the significant presence of East Indians in the Caribbean, Indian culture has yet to be seen as being truly indigenous. This film projects a new way of seeing Caribbean Indian culture, through the story of a young Hindu girl who is learning the beauty of her culture, even as an elder in her community attempts to hold her in a traditional mould. While the girl is sympathetic to the elder’s views, she already lives in a hybrid culture and must celebrate both.

4788 4827 Anisa Ali 1
Green & Yellow Intimate conversations with homeless people in the streets of Port of Spain, capital of the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. with Sketch and Yankee. Trinidad and Tobago 2017 documentary short 20 N English

Green & Yellow features intimate conversations with Sketch and Yankee—two homeless people in Port of Spain, Trinidad. The film shows the homeless as a neglected part of the social environment, separated from society, and attempts to bridge that barrier.

4822 4823 Sheldon 'Sketch' Aberdeen | Shawn 'Yankee' Brown Best short film in Martinique Film Festival 1
Short Drop An elderly man gets mistaken for a taxi driver while on a drive through the busy streets of Port-of-Spain. What follows is a long day of reckoning with memories, friendships and revelations. Trinidad and Tobago 2017 narrative short 28 N

Bartholomew, a retired civil servant, takes a leisurely drive downtown, where Shanice mistakes his car for a taxi. After much resistance, he agrees to take her to her destination. Along the way, they encounter a wide diversity of Trinidadian characters, from cross-dresser Hott Pepper to gang member Tan Tan. What follows is a long day of reckoning with memories, friendships and revelations.

4752 4751 Albert LaVeau Jeanine LeeKim Kyle Richardson Heather Gordon 1
Knockabout The past can lead to an old rift... Trinidad and Tobago 2013 narrative short 16 N English

The city streets of Port of Spain, and its varied cast of characters are the backdrop for this Trini-style-neo noir. Philo, an expat detective turns to his previous partner Monique for help in solving a current kidnapping case. But where this leads them is to the past, and an old rift between them regarding the disappearance of her brother, which Philo seeks to mend. 

10210 10208 Rhian Vialva Nicholas Emery 1
Riding Bull Cart Riding Bull Cart captures a time-capsule moment, and depicts a symbiotic and pure relationship of human and animal (non-human) working together. Trinidad and Tobago 2015 documentary short 12 N

‘Riding Bull Cart’ is a portrait of a farmer, Boylie. Boylie carries us on his daily journey to cut grass for his cattle, taking us against the ebb and flow of the quickening pace of modernisation, into a grassy haven where we find refuge from the maddening heat, haze and pollution

The film is a reflection on happiness and personal choice. It confronts a stereotype head-first and overturns it, and pays homage to the path less traveled.

4689 4690 trinidad + tobago film festival 2015 | AluCine 2016 (Toronto, Canada) | Havana Film Festival 2015 (Havana, Cuba) | Best T&T Documentary Short: trinidad + tobago film festival 2015 | Nominated for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Best Film at AluCine 2016 (Toronto, Canada) 1
Art Connect Art Connect reveals how creativity has inspired and changed the lives of "at risk" kids living in the disenfranchised and volatile area of Laventille, in Port of Spain, Trinidad. 2014 documentary feature 74 N English

Art Connect is told by the children, who had access to different forms of art-making with which to express themselves, including film making. The children were given small video cameras so they could film their own stories about their lives. Through their talking, painting, singing, filming and dancing, we are allowed into their world.

825 826 Students of Success Laventille Secondary School trinidadandtobagorocks Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival Best Trinidad and Tobago Feature, 2014 Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival People’s Choice Award, 2014 MAC Film Festival, Amazon, Brazil Best Documentary Feature, 2015 World Humanitarian Awards, Jakarta International Humanitarian Gold Award, 2015 FEMI International Film Festival, Guadeloupe Best Film, 2015 CINEAID, Austin Texas-Runner Up Best Feature Film, 2015 Caribbean Tales, Toronto Best Documentary (Honorable Commendation), 2015 The IndieFEST Film Awards, California, USA Best Documentary Feature, 2016 OXIFF (International Film Festival), Oxford UK Best Documentary Feature, 2016 (In)Justice for All Film Festival, Chicago Illinois Special Recognition: Feature Length Film, 2016 International Movie Awards, Jakarta Gold Winner: Documentary Feature, 2016 Barcelona International Film Festival, Spain Gold Lion Award, 2016 Parallax Film Festival, UK Best Feature Film, 2016 1
Salty Dog When the rug is pulled from under his feet, a savvy old salt, must navigate the stormy waters of his relationship with his estranged son. Trinidad and Tobago 2017 short 25 N

Mortimer Wilfred has arrived reluctantly to live with his estranged son Darian, after the tragic death of his friend and employer Albert.

Evicted from his island home, Mortimer must navigate the challenges of living on the mainland with a son who’d rather send him to live in a retirement home than have anything to do with him.

802 803 Kandyse McLure | Errol Roberts | Nickolai Salcedo People Choice Best Short Film, trinidad + tobago film festival 2017 Youth Jury Prize Best Short Film Recontres Martinique 2018 1
One Good Deed A young country boy has an encounter with a mythical creature in the woods. Trinidad and Tobago 2010 narrative short 12 N

Ten-year-old Johnny is a bright but naughty boy living in a small country village in Trinidad. From terrorizing his brother to stealing mangoes from the neighbours, he causes his mother no end of trouble. Left alone to look after his brother one day, Johnny’s true nature is revealed when he encounters some douens – mischievous spirits of lost children that haunt the forest.

800 799 Sonja Dumas Taromi Lourdes Joseph Sadeequa Kamaludin Nikos Patterson onetrini Winner: Best Narrative Short, Caribbean Tales Film Festival (2015) Caribbean Tales Film Festival, 2015 trinidad + tobago film festival, 2012 International Film Festival Iquique, Chile, 2012 1
Songs of Redemption 'Songs of Redemption' captures the moving story of redemption and rehabilitation of inmates of the General Penitentiary in Kingston, Jamaica. Jamaica, Spain 2013 documentary feature 79 N English

Songs of Redemption reveals a stream of consciousness as told by Kingston prisoners incarcerated for crimes ranging from ‘illegal possession of firearm’ to ‘murder.’ The prison, once a concrete holding area for African slaves, is devoid of basic human necessities and reflects a reality of unimaginable consequence. The movie opens with a glimpse of city dogs living free in the streets with no means of support, while human counterparts behind the walls are imprisoned with the same lack of support, compounded by total loss of personal freedom.

Interviews by inmates reveal sincere regret for the actions that led to a life of incarceration. The critical turning point is ignited through a growing a sense of self pride and identity, a channel to musically express remorse and the ability to warn the next youth from destructive behavior. The simplicity and complexity of freedom is captured throughout the film as birds fly in and out of the prison grounds only to fly freely away into the blue sky. As one inmate clearly states, redemption comes when the criminal moves from a very dark hopeless place into the light, the light of life and forgiveness.~ Sista Irie, Austin, Texas

795 796 trinidadandtobagorocks Best Documentary Music Film en el Krakow Film Festival Best Feature Award Pan African Film & Arts Festival 2013 Los Angeles Best Documentary Caribbean Tales Toronto Film Showcase Best Feature Documentary Film Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival People’s Choice Award Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival Best Documentary en el World Film Festival Public Award CineDoc Tbilisi Film Festival Mención Especial del Jurado Festival Internacional de Cine de Barranquilla Public Award TwoRiversides Film Festival Impact Award (In) Justice for all Film Festival NOMINATIONS AND OFFICIAL SELECTIONS London East End Film Festival Hong Kong PUFF Film Festival Aruba International Film Festival, DocsDF Film Festival La Habana Film Festival Sidney Latino Film Festival Guadalajara Film Festival The Americas Film Festival New York Respect Belfast Human Rights Film Festival Norient Musikfilm Festival Timehri Film Festival Spotlight Caribbean MIST/Madiba Harlem Film Festival 1
Plain Sight Forged from the love of... money. 2017 featurette 52 N

PLAIN SIGHT is based on the complex relationship between two bright and ambitious people who grew up together only to become rivals: James, a ruthless underground figure, and Sarah, a shrewd forensic detective. Both are fighting for their communities, but one’s method is lawful and the other’s is not.
James is disillusioned by government policies, sociological prejudice and economic inequalities, and through him we are introduced to a cast of shady characters who straddle several socio-economic groups.

The detective, Sarah, is a highly educated woman – an international scholarship winner who, after a tumultuous childhood (and with some prodding from her father) left Trinidad and barely looked back. Snatched up by the Montreal CSI, she is well on her way to success when she receives a phone call from Trinidad that her sister has been murdered. From that moment, the focus of her life shifts forever and puts her on a direct collision course with James.

The series moves toward its dramatic climax where Sarah must choose between James and her sense of morality, loyalty and justice. Set against the backdrop of an idyllic island where danger lurks just beneath the surface, and criminals hide in plain sight.

793 791 1
Jab in the Dark The discovery of a secret diary draws a drug addicted security guard into a world of demons and a struggle for inner redemption. Trinidad and Tobago 2013 narrative short 36 N English 789 849 Sindy Nurse | Janique Dennis| Charles Reid | Kearn Samuel trinidad+tobago film festival—Peoples' Choice Award (2013) trindiad + tobago film festival, 2013 Caribbean Tales Film Festival, 2013 Caribbean Film Corner, 2013 1
No Bois Man No Fraid Two internationally certified, multi-disciplined, Trinidadian martial artists re-discover their roots in the unique Trinidadian martial art of Kalinda or Stickfighting, and are accepted for mentorship by living legends of the art, as they enter the potentially lethal arena of the Gayelle which to them is a ring of liberation! Trinidad and Tobago 2013 documentary feature 78 N

Keegan Taylor is in his 20s. He has been a frontline soca singer in the biggest soca bands from Trinidad & Tobago, worked in the oil industry, graduated from university and won multiple medals internationally in karate. Benjamin Rondel is in his 30s, has trained and achieved rank in over 19 martial arts, worked in the oil industry in South and Central America and travelled the world as a certified instructor in martial arts and weapons training. He is the national coach of one of the most successful Mixed Martial Arts & SAMBO teams in the Caribbean. These are rediscovering their roots in the unique Trinidadian martial art of stickfighting, or Kalinda, and have been accepted for mentorship by living legends of the art. No Bois Man No Fraid is their story, and the contemporary retelling of what Benji describes as: “This maybe over 2000 year old art, handed down generation by generation to ensure the survival and protection of the village… for me, the greatest living martial artists I have ever met, who understand tactics, strategy, doctrine, improvised weapons, weaponised combat, blades, stick… Trinidad does have its own martial art.”

Follow Keegan and Benji as they enter the potentially lethal arena of the Gayelle, which to them, is a ring of liberation, “where I am a human being and I deserve to be alive and anybody in this circle I respect because they understand the value of life.”

587 1
Unfinished Sentences A filmmaker daughter connects to her writer father through his words, which transcend his death and help her find a way back to herself. 2018 documentary feature 98 N

A filmmaker daughter and her writer father navigate the conflicting issues of their relationship: race and art, adoration and disappointment, success and failure. Until he dies and in her grief, she discovers that his poetry and prose transcend death, allowing her to hear his voice again and find a way back to herself.

565 569 Renaldo Frederick | Ché Jardine | Alessandra Jardine | Nigel Scott | Nickolai Salcedo unfinishedsentencesfilm Best Documentary Feature, Caribbean Tales International Film Festival Best Documentary feature, trinidad+tobago film festival Best Trinidad and Tobago Feature, trinidad+tobago film festival Best Documentary, FICSUR Best Editing, FICSUR Finalist Primera Mirada Competition, IFF Panama Close Up Film Centre, London Caribbean Tales International Film Festival trinidad+tobago film festival Havana International Film Festival IFF Panama San Francisco DocFest FICSUR Island House Film Festival DC Caribbean FilmFest 1
The Solitary Alchemist The Solitary Alchemist is a moving and intimate portrait of a life in art in the Caribbean. 2009 documentary N

What happens when talent isn’t enough? When, in spite of a life of work, you look around in the autumn of your life and discover that your world is not what you thought it would be. This is where we meet Trinidadian jeweller, Barbie Jardine.

Trained at England’s prestigious Royal College of Art, Jardine moved back to her native Trinidad in 1974 where she developed new techniques in working with traditional and indigenous materials, and evolved a personal narrative style for making wearable works of art. But 30 years on from returning to the Caribbean, and in spite of having her work purchased by a major metropolitan museum, there are nagging questions she just can’t shake: Why isn’t my work more recognised? Have I made a crucial mistake? She is resentful and angry. And she wants something more. An opportunity to create a new piece for an exhibition in Scotland presents itself and Barbie is both nervous and hopeful. Will this be the chance to finally carve out her own space in the world?

564 568 Barbara Jardine 1
Smallman: The World My Father Made Smallman is Richard Mark Rawlins’ personal exploration of the real and imagined worlds that his father, Kenwyn, made, in the workshop beneath their house. Trinidad and Tobago 2013 documentary short 10 N

John Ambrose Kenwyn Rawlins was an ordinary man of modest means. He was a good father, grandfather and husband; an obedient public servant. Yet the most vivid part of his life was lived in was a small workshop beneath his house. In there, at the end of his workday, he made things. From simple push toys to elaborate 1/16th scale waterline battle ship models and dockyards, miniature furniture and dolls houses, he painstakingly constructed everything from scratch, sometimes spending upwards of a year on a single model. Smallman is an exploration of the worlds, both real and imagined, that Kenwyn Rawlins made, as told by his son Richard.

566 567 Richard Mark Rawlins. Smallman has screened at several film festivals including: Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, Pan African Film Festival, Caribbean Tales International Film Festival, Black Harvest Film Festival. Smallman won the prize for Best Documentary Short at Caribbean Tales Film Festival, 2015. 1
Inward Hunger: The Story of Eric Williams Inward Hunger reveals Eric Williams in unprecedented depth: the world that shaped him, the forces to which he at times succumbed, and those he fought to change. Trinidad and Tobago 2011 documentary series 194 N English

Inward Hunger explores both the political and personal life of Eric Williams, in order to understand the multiple sides of his complex and enigmatic character. The documentary goes beyond ‘Williams as Prime Minister’ to examine the diverse facets of Williams’ personality, ideas and behaviour as eldest son in a large family, student, historian, writer and educator, husband and father, friend, professor, international civil servant, and Party leader.

This portrait of Williams reveals the aspects of his family and school life that shaped his personality; his understanding of colonial society and his uneasy place in it, having won access to an elite colonial education, yet facing financial hardship throughout his youth, and a pervasive sense of discrimination; his charisma and public persona as a father-figure, a saviour, a domineering and eventually distant leader; his privacy and intensity in close/intimate relationships; his mentors and the sometimes traumatic breaks with them; his career as an educator in the classroom and in the public sphere; his entry into politics; his dominating leadership style and charismatic, yet changeable political personality; his vision for an independent society—his reforms and social transformation, hesitancy to change the status quo, the deep loyalty and strong opposition he engendered from within the Party he created and the wider society.

562 563 Erica Williams-Connell | Colin Palmer | Bridget Brereton | Hamid Ghany 1
Westwood Park Blackmail, murder, adultery and... cross-dressing! Trinidad and Tobago 1997 to 2004 narrative 100 N English

Westwood Park weaves the story of the Dusoleil and Gunn-Munroe families, whose affluent lifestyles and picture-perfect smiles become less than idyllic on closer inspection. The manipulative and power-hungry Herbert dominates the Gunn-Munroe clan, while the conscientious and upstanding Jonathan heads the Dusoleil family. Set in lush and luxurious locations rarely seen in Caribbean dramas, Westwood Park is driven by the universal topics of love, hate, power, lust, greed, corruption, romance, heartbreak and the strive for social justice and consciousness.

696 850 1
The Apartment, About Last Night Trinidad and Tobago 2015 narrative short 50 N English

Michelle Costa and Ayanna St. Clair move into their new upscale apartment. Their plans are foiled by the arrival of Ayanna’s troubled cousin, Janelle.

10513 Pauline Mark Russel Wilkinson-Taitt Jamie Lee Philips Brett Bengochea Michelle Nadia Abraham Stephen Hadeed Jr. 1